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  1. Tesco Hudl USB OTG Issue

    Don't suppose u have a USB keyboard or mouse to try?
  2. Tesco Hudl USB OTG Issue

    Just tried it now and it doesn't detect any of the drives on either my OTG hub or cable, also would be handy for college to be able to use KB/Mouse for odds n ends as well :(
  3. Tesco Hudl USB OTG Issue

    Ok, so this is driving me absolutely nuts as i wanna be able to watch films on my portable HDD on my hudl, my xperia Z has USB OTG but my hudl is not willing to cooperate, does anyone have any other ideas on what it might be other than faulty hardware before i bitch at Tesco n try n get a replacement again as soon as they're open 2mrw?
  4. Tesco Hudl USB OTG Issue

    Ok so i put stock v1.3 ROM (post 33: http://www.modaco.com/topic/365575-stock-hudl-rom-for-rktools/page-2 )on it last night, still nothing :( about to go through the tedious process of setting it all back up again now as tesco refuse to give me another exchange... and to be honest setting it all up again is less stressful :(
  5. Tesco Hudl USB OTG Issue

    I don't suppose you could send me a copy of your OTG files and see if that fixes the problem?
  6. Tesco Hudl USB OTG Issue

    Ok, so my first Tesco Hudl worked fine with OTG, however i had to replace it due to malfunctioning MicroSD slot, the new one however doesn't seem to want to work with OTG, powered or unpowered :( As far as i can tell the OTG drivers seem to be missing, any ideas where i can download them or other ideas on how to fix this issue? TIA Shadow
  7. Ok, so i recently made the move from the Apple iPhone 5 to the Sony Xperia Z as i recently got a Hudl n started to get an appreciation for android OS which i previously lacked, the problem is there's one thing thats been constantly bugging me about the new touch iOS devices and although it's not as bad it's annoying me on android too to a lesser degree. I used to be able to just plug my old ipod touch video 30GB into the xbox, it would read the music and away i go, but with the iPod Touch/iPhone i can't. On the androids i can play music from the phone itself and from the hudl too, but the xbox won't pick up on the music stored on the MicroSD card, which happens to be all of my music and although it is rare i don't have my pc on to stream music over the network it does occasionally happen, anyone know a solution to this? Both Devices are rooted btw. TIA Shadow
  8. USB On The Go

    I don't suppose anyone has any more info on this, had to get my Hudl swapped over as was not reading ANY micro SD cards, new one has come with the most up to date firmware, rooted it fine with Kingo but for some reason i can't seem to use any OTG features using either an OTG cable or OTG USB hub/card reader without power or with, this is my first android device so i'm not 100% clued up on it all but generally computer literate, is there any way to fix the OTG functionality without having to flash it, or if not how would i go about flashing it back to the very first firmware (1.1 i think?) TIA Shadow