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  1. How many people are using B888

    Flashed B888 as soon as I read the thread, before people knew about partition resize etc. Not actually using the phone yet, still using my Sensation, but once an ICS ROM (official Huawei or enterprising developers CM9) I'll sell the Sensation & switch to the G300, 4-inch screen is perfect size for a phone I reckon.
  2. B886 screen layout

    I did it the forced update way. Like Frankish said, it brings back the notification toggles (that were in the Voda ROM) back. However, I also on rebooting the phone realised I got things the wrong way round - I had 7 screens pre-vendor flash, now I've got 5. Think I'd rather keep the toggle & lose 2 screens, I never use 7 on my Sensation (dropped that to 3 screens once I had ICS & folders).
  3. B886 screen layout

    Have you also flashed the vendor update.app? When I 1st flashed B886 it was 5 screens, then once I flashed the vendor file, it was back to 7 screens.
  4. Shameless bump of my question here, I love tech, but am paranoid (OCD running of ccleaner & eraser on my personal PC's on a very regular basis). Although I have my G300, I have not yet signed in with my gmail account (or put a live SIM in there either), due to Paul's concerns in this topic: Although I have basic tech smarts (I was able to follow the instructions in the word document Huawei provided in the B886 ROM), I have 0 clue when checking the comparison between the stock ROM & the B886 ROM on this link: http://content.modaco.net/dropzone/u8815-stock-886.htm So before I pop in a SIM & log in with my gmail details, did Huawei block the hole that Paul found?
  5. Yep, that's what I did.
  6. I've flashed the B886 as per the instructions in the file download, all working fine. One question, does this block the gaping security hole that the Voda ROM had?