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  1. dandv

    Backup user dictionary

    Use Titanium Backup. The user dictionary is a green entry named "[uSER DICT] com.android.providers.userdictionary".
  2. I don't see any battery percentage in MCR r21, after a wipe and fresh install.
  3. Are you by any chance trying to do windows\adb push rectools.tar.gz /sdcard/ in FASTBOOT mode? I tried that and indeed, adb didn't see the device. However, the correct command to run in FASTBOOT mode is: windows\fastboot flash recovery recovery.img And that one worked. PS: when you mention "I followed these instructions to the letter", have you also looked at the Galaxy wiki? Unfortunately I installed all the drivers a month ago and didn't document the process faithfully at the time. Your insight would be helpful. The Samsung Galaxy wiki is my attempt to centralize information about the Samsung I7500 Galaxy.
  4. UPDATE: I've flashed my phone back to just H8, and Google Maps (v3.1.2) now works flawlessly. If anyone else can reproduce this, we might have found an issue with the MoDaCo ROM v1.1.
  5. With H8 and this MoDaCo ROM and nothing else, Google Maps just downloaded from the Market force closes when I search for something. Does anyone else experience this?
  6. Summary of changes to Paul's first post (I messaged him, hopefully he'll edit the post): 1. The / after 'windows' should be \ 2. The windows/adb mount /sdcard command is not necessary (and won't work) 3. You must install New PC Studio and all the USB drivers, then you must enable USB debugging for adb to detect your device. If adb returns an "error: device not found", please see How to fix adb error: device not found on the Samsung Galaxy wiki.
  7. The firmware download link is broken since the i7500world VPS has down. The firmware was first uploaded at androidforums. I5 firmware bugs are listed at androidforums as well.
  8. I can confirm that. Started with an actual virgin Galaxy, running Baseband version I7500JVIG4. After flashing, here is the About screen: Model number: Galaxy with MCR 1.1 Baseband version: I7500JVIG4 Kernel version: 2.6.27-mck-1.0 [email protected]e-intrepid-x64
  9. I wouldn't have my SMSes migrated somewhere online, for privacy reasons. PIM Organizer is a piece of freeware that exports SMSes to text files. It probably can import them too, but I haven't tried that. Exporting worked perfectly and I periodically export my SMS Inbox and move the files out of the PDA to my computer.