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  1. Unlocking spv phones

    Not a lot of activity but I'd check
  2. Windows Phone 7 Series is official!

    Must admit, I tend to agree with NuShrike For them to announce this so far in advance of it's launch does remind you of IBM and FUD That large text going off the screen looks awful! There is a lot that's nice but it does seem too little, too late. The next generation iPhone will be released this summer and I might think about that but to be honest I've still seen nothing better than my iPhone 3G except the 3GS and this doesn't look like it will tempt me back to Windows. Who knows, it's still a long way off and a lot can happen between now and release.
  3. iPhone 3GS speed comparison

    What a very unscientific test! One time, one location and relying on someone to press start and stop on the stopwatch at the right time? Pity they didn't try T-Mobile and I would have preferred to see results from run multiple times.
  4. When I got divorced some women liked to talk, some to text, flext was great. Now I'm married again it's not so important but I still like flext. Is there anything here to tempt me away from flext35 and W'n'W Plus for £20.15/month? I think not.
  5. T-Mobile users with slow internet

    I use the app on my iPhone and get anywhere between 1100 and 2000k 300k sounds like you are getting 3G not HSDPA.
  6. T-Mobile's New Tariffs & Price "Refresh"

    I pay £20.50 odd for Flext35 and W'n'W Plus - i love the flexibility of Flext even though I use nowhere near my limit. Just got a PAYG SIM for my daughter - unlimited text and internet for a tenner a month isn't bad but can anyone confirm the FUP on the internet? It very much depends on what they are offering to replace Flext with as to whether it's good or not. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  7. I've been having problems with my server so some of my email addresses haven't been working, I guess that's why I haven't heard yet.....
  8. Want Free Internet and Free Texting for Life?

    But is it 3G only? Not HSDPA? I'll stick to my £20/month for W'n'W Plus and Flext35 although the 3Gb/month allowance is proving a bit restrictive on my iPhone....
  9. T-Mobile UK & Virgin Network - Disruption

    No problem here in Woking which is East - ish
  10. Microsoft getting humourous?

    Love the add as I said here. Couldn't get it to embed though.
  11. AT&T use bands II and V T-Mobile use Band IV Verizon use CDMA-2000 So ouut of the 3 biggest US carriers only AT&T is supported. I'm glad I live in Europe where there are standards!
  12. Don't T-Mobile in the USA use WCDMA FDD Band IV ? So no support for them then.
  13. An HP 6945? Still running WinMo 5? I believe NoData needs WinMo 6
  14. New FREE Utility - NoData

    All it does is toggle your data connection off. It has no effect on any other connections!
  15. 99 cents times 100,000 is a lot more than $5.99 times a couple of hundred.... It is the volume of sales that makes all the difference. I buy apps for 99c to try, if I don't use it I don't care. But MS know best, which is why they've delayed WM7 until the end of next year - if they are still in the mobile OS business by then....

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