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  1. bws2007


    the akey is what comes with the phone and is spacific to that phone not the other and is released by verizon wireless
  2. yes they are because i work for VZW and its in the works its just technical on how verizon releases new roms they get together with samsung and sit down what verizon want in it and they just have not come to a compermise yet but said by first of year hopefuly out that was as of last monday
  3. for the i910 omnia it might be because Verizon wireless is currently working on it with samsung they are not officaly saying anything yet but its a work in progress to get samsung on it i work for verizon i got this info from advanced tech he said hopefuly by the begining of 2010 hopefuly
  4. bws2007


    wozzer i want to first say nice rom but i installed the m2d rom and the wm6.5 slide unlock is not working any ideas why it dont work i used ur rom b4 and it worked but i was playing around with some programs and the screen went all funny and i reflashed it and it did not lock with the wm6.5 slide unlock. thanks for all the support with windows mobile 6.5 Please Advise
  5. That would be Windows Mobile Device Center here is the link http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-...r-download.mspx