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  1. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    You can download factory rom here http://sharebee.com/bd345218 this is also pinned on the main i910 Rom page top thread. Good luck ps in the future just use active sync or ms myphone.
  2. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    So what is your question? How to map the OK key to a hard button for apps that dont support the Beta UI of WM 6.5.1 OK.
  3. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    I thought there was a reg fix for the bottom 8 or whatever pixels at the bottom of the ms3x lifestyle screen in wm6.5.1 roms. Anyone know of this. I am still looking.
  4. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    Hey thanks for that info it worked great. Doesnt anyone know what reg edit they used to fix the bottom of the mobile shell screen to fix the pixel line at the bottom I am running the naked rom with ms3.5.1 over it. Thanks again for all the quick help
  5. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    Thanks I will check his post out and see if I can find the cab and try that out.
  6. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    Hey guys has anyone had a issue with the market place? I have the patched version for SD card installed and now it wants to update which is fine but it error's evertime on the update. I have tried to uninstall reinstall it same thing. Anyone else having this issue or does anyone have the updated marketplace in a cab that I can install. Thanks
  7. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    Thanks I will give that a shot
  8. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    Hey bgill what reg edit did you use to fix the issue with resco explorer I am using the naked rom and the taskbar is off was wondering if it was a quick fix. Thanks
  9. Droid USB/Bluetooth/WIFI Teathering

    Yea you can dial *228 from the phone you want to activate and use option 3 punch in your phone number and your pin and there you go. I used to switch back and forth before when I had a moto q and my treo700wx back in the day. I hope that get a tether app or root the phone or something because. I have to trade my omnia in to get the droid.
  10. I have a i910 Omnia right now and I can upgrade to the Droid for free. I really want too but the only thing holding me back right now is teathering. I use it almost daily and really need it. So I dont want to make the switch until I know this can be done. Right now I teather via bluetooth to my netbook. I use the usb when i need to charge and teather at the same time. Then if I forgot my cable and i'm on a different computer you can use the wifi ap. Please let me know if anyone knows how to do this. Thanks :)
  11. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    Read up a couple of posts. I am flashing to v10 and i'm going to put 3.5 back on until mskip updates his widgets. There was a couple things that I noticed. Another being the calendar was't working correctly. Might as well wait until they release another beta. Usally spb's betas are a little better than that.
  12. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    Sweet downloading now!! BTW did MS fix the dismissal bug with the notification panel in this build?
  13. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    Well right off the bat since SPB changed the actions on the weather widgets the Mskip weather widget for text doesnt work. The main weather icons work but some are off a little. I'm sure he will be updating his widgets soon with the latest build.
  14. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    Uninstalling 3.5 and going to install 3.5.1 beta and test it out with the latest MSkip Ultimate widgets. I will let people know if there are any issues.
  15. EVIDENCE/Mastergreeny V13

    Awesome man!! Thanks for all your hard work on this. Don't worry about it man take your time.