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    Has anyone tried towelroot on thier hudl? I was just wondering if it is a viable alternative to the method mentioned on ths forum.
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    Dilemma! Please help

    No body has an opinion of Omnia vs Touch HD? Really?
  3. Hi all, First time poster, long time lurker. Thanks for all the information i have gleaned from these boards. Until last week, I was the proud owner of an Omnia, then, through no fault of my own, on the tube on the way home from work a lady barged into me. Her oversized bangle got caught in my headphones, ripped the handset out of my hand, followed by a couple of bounces and the phone disappearing between the train and the platform. To cut a long story short, the phone was supposed to be picked up after trains stopped (station had those glass barriers preventimg me from retrieving it myself). It wasnt retrieved by station staff, and had dissapeared from the tracks by the following morning. So, I need to replace it. I have been given £350 by the insurance company, and dont want to excede this by too much really, but could be swayed by features. I can get an omnia for that money, and a touch HD for a bit more. The HD is really tempting cos of its screen, but have read about problems about the touch and video playback. I watch alot of video on my phone (a couple of hours a day) so video performance is high on the list. Which of the above phones would you buy? Is there a model im not thinking about? Thanks in advance Chris