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  1. Video Review: CoPilot Live!

    Tried Navigon last time i changed, but decided against it. several wrong speed limits and that was just locally.
  2. Video Review: CoPilot Live!

    I gave up using co-pilot because its routing was poor. It took me to London City Airport from the north down the old A1 through North London instead of round the M25 and in the M11. Thank goodness we were on a following morning flight, else we would have missed it. To get to the other side of Middlesbrough, it went straight through rather than round. My previous TomTom, Google Maps and my current program, Mobile Maps, all go the proper ways round, and save a lot of time. How good it the routing nowadays - does it take you the way a reasonably competent person might?
  3. Motorola to release RAZR MAXX in Europe

    3300mAh is more like it. This is what phones should have - they are now PDAs and browsers and media centres and satnav and cameras and word processors and more, so they need power to run all of that. Good for Motorola. I used to love my old Razr flip phone, the v3im, maybe it is time to move back from HTC?
  4. HTC One X Review

    Just read this on the modaco site: Must look further...
  5. HTC One X Review

    I agree with gravy1. I want a phone I can use a lot for many different things without worrying if I need a recharge. On my HTC HD2 (shame about windows 6.5 with its few Mb of RAM) it has a stand by time of days, but if I use it, I get a day or a bit longer out of it. If I try to use the GPS for satnav, it had better be plugged in, otherwise I will lose it in 2 or 3 hours. THINKS: I could NOT use the One X in my car, as my holder grips from the sides, just where the One X's power in is situated. Why oh why do they not put all the sockets on the same side. For me the bottom, rather than the top, so it dangles rather than drags or tries to pull out or distort the port. Aha - they want me to buy the expensive HTC car kit! If it is like the one they offered for the HD2 it was about 20% of the price of the phone! Has anyone yet produced a micro usb flash memory stick? If not, why not?
  6. I am getting a bluetooth hands-free phone system in my new car. Skoda is sadly part of the VW group and I have since found that to use the VW system the phone has to be able to use rSAP, which is remote SIM access protocol. Toshiba tell me by email that the TG01 does NOT support it. Nokia seem to be pretty much the only phone company that have it available out of the box. I did find a link on Briskoda (the British Skoda owners forum). http://briskoda.net/superb-ii/howto-get-rs...-mobile/131709/ This suggests you can add a file to a windows mobile 6.1 phone, and get it working. My current phone is an old Motorola, and I have an HP hx4700 so the TG01 looks to give me both feature sets in one improved model. As Modaco seems to be the major source for up to date information on the TG01 I am hoping that someone out there has a VW car with bluetooth, and has got rSAP working on their TG01. If so, could you post and let me know? I can then pass that information on to other Briskodians and help my fellow motorists.