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  1. [email protected] can I exclude "after_success" from certain branches? in the .travis.yaml

  2. New ParallaxScrollView commits, Gravity/Measure fixes - new pretty demo, api8+ support. https://t.co/lcBziLTA #androiddev

  3. Android 4.2 - are you finding it buggy?

    Bluetooth is the biggy for me, I thought my car stereo was buggered, but realised it was that A2D seemed really poor post 4.1. Going to assume its to do with the new bluetooth stack :(
  4. Apart from these guys being generally awesome, really love this track! ♫ Beethoven's 5 Secrets – The Piano Guys http://t.co/HkxQWC7u

  5. Email vibrate alerts make me! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  6. If any of you lovely twitter people managed to acquire more than 1 N4 16GB, I shall be happy to take it off your hands (for money of course)

  7. I did see this tho "Factory Images "takju" for Galaxy Nexus "maguro" (GSM/HSPA+) (with Google Wallet)" Does this mean we may finally see official GWallet support in the UK?
  8. I would hope it would seen as the GalNex already has landscape mode for the homescreen but only works in the car dock :S - not sure why its not available by default.
  9. FYI - Huawei M865 is one buggy device... If you have one apologies, but I'm soo not fixing bugs for it!

  10. Completely agree, I try to keep it as stock as possible, otherwise you get to that point of.. does my app have a bug or is it the rom.. humm.
  11. Thanks @mattcolliss for pro Lion tip. Disable Flash in Chrome. Feels soo much faster now! No more hanging :)

  12. Yippie! From what i have read: Google Wallet is standard Flash has been removed from market place by default - seems a bit odd this one as they can do that server side..? Bug fixes and Performance improvements. What its still missing is damn portrait HDMI output!!.. sigh..
  13. Its better than it used to be, BT Infinity is upto 78down 18up but thats if your lucky. Western europe is much better in that sense. At least we don't live in the US, there still a long way off what we get.
  14. At Vagelis I cames from Ir14 no issues :D