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  1. LG planning to sell Nexus 4 at €599 outside Google Play?

    It's listed for ~3900 NOK in the cheapest stores in Norway. That's about £430... AFAIK the UK VAT is 20% and the Norwegian one is 25%, so the price diff is obviously far more than taxes.
  2. My Archos 80 G9 8GB arrived! Any questions?

    How is the touch response? Have they really managed to add a capacitive screen at this pricepoint?
  3. No more Galaxy S Dev???

    With all the different devices out there, I'm sure Paul has more than enough to do with the Vega, Nexus line, and HTC phones. I was a frequent visitor on here when I had the Hero, but after I got the SGS I've mostly looked at XDA for development. Running Insanity ROM with high DPI and SuperOptimized kernel atm, and the phone is better then ever.
  4. Do you check app permissions?

  5. FIRST!!!

    Just shy of £500 according to Paul. Wondering what it will be in Norway. Probably around the equivalent of £650
  6. JPC - who's using it?

    I have horrendous lag problems with JPC, even more so than on stock rom. Something might have gone wrong in the flashing process though, cause none of the lagfixes work either.
  7. Recovery mode errors after jpc

    Voodoo lagfix is only available on Eclair ROMs as for now. Won't be available on Froyo until Samsung releases the sources for the kernel, or at least that's what it says on the project voodoo website. To apply update zips on JPC, you need to temporary flash another kernel, like you did when you got it rooted. Seems like Samsung changed their signature verification procedure.
  8. Quality of finish on the Galaxy S (epic fail)

    At least the lag can be fixed by some clever hacking. I find it strange that the Galaxy S has these build quality problems. My gf has used a Galaxy Spica for quite a while without it showing signs of being worn at all. It seems the weight shedding team on the Galaxy S made some poor design decisions.
  9. Quality of finish on the Galaxy S (epic fail)

    I have similar issues. I take care of my devices and have owned quite a lot which I have sold in near mint condition after 6 months to a year of use. I always keep the devices in a pocket, or a carrying case, on it's own. After a bit more than a month the Galaxy S has: - Scratch on the screens' upper right corner of the viewport. No idea how I could've scratched the screen. - Main action button is scratched and looks worn. - Back cover is noticably worn and looks a lot worse than the HTC Hero I used for more than a year.
  10. Annoying messages regarding battery level

    Exactly this. If I want to take a photo with my last 2% of battery, I should be able to do so.
  11. I'm starting to get really annoyed by those messages that tell me the phone is fully charged or low on battery. Especially the low battery ones, as they prevent me using the video player (which is awesome in all other aspects). Would it be possible to remove these messages, and disable the shutdown of the video player when battery is low in a custom ROM without exchanging the apps themselves? Is the source for the apps available or is it just the main firmware that is opensourced?
  12. Calendar Stupidity

    Reports from the new firmwares with Froyo state that whatever calendar you last chose, will be default for all subsequent events you create.
  13. Android 2.2 Froyo with XXJP2 now available!

    Samsung Galaxy S I9000XXJP3 now available at samsung-firmwares.com
  14. micro-USB to HDMI cable for GalaxyS

    Nice to see that they finally make it available, but $50 for a cable?
  15. Compass

    The compass is abysmal on my Galaxy S I9000 (european version) as well. Noticed it when using Google Sky Map, as the map took ages to follow my movement. Hopefully this will be fixed in a firmware update, or I might return the phone as it doesn't work as intended.