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  1. All working now having re-flashed :-)
  2. I did bake it originally, but I can't remember if it was in the last flash - I may have unticked it as I already had the pro version - should I reflash with it baked?
  3. Help please - after a recent flash of JR5 I found Trackball alert pro stopped working and wont recognise the ROM to patch - I uninstalled it and can't re-download it from google play as it now says incompatible - what is the best way to get the pro version back and running? Update - I have just restored it using Titianium but it keeps giving framework not compatible messages - can you help with this or should i contact the developer?
  4. I have successfully rooted (using adb, clockworkmod recovery etc) and all seems fine. What is puzzling me though is that I don't lose my custom recovery when I reboot - all the guides talk about having to rename the install-recovery system file to stop the original recovery flashing each reboot, but there is no such file on my system and I've rebooted many times now without any loss of clockworkmod. Aside from not knowing how to restore my original recovery image, can anyone explain what is going on and is this ok?
  5. Data SIM in Europe for Travel

    Sorry to sort of hijack the thread, but are there any options like this for travel to the USA?
  6. If you are locked on Orange I definately would not update your radio as there are many cases of people having problems!
  7. Will the forthcoming MCR build be sufficiently similar to this to be flashed without a wipe? Otherwise I will wait a couple of days as I don't want to be wiping again so soon.
  8. In need of some help here

    Thanks - perfectly understood!
  9. In need of some help here

    Thanks - I'm too geeky for my own good :(
  10. In need of some help here

    Excuse my ignorance but how do you do a hard reset on a non-rooted phone - do you just go into settings or is there another way?
  11. In need of some help here

    As a 16 year old he has very enthusiastically delved into the market and spent a lot of time setting it all up how he likes. I have no problem with a reset, but in this case can't see it will help. That's why I hoped there would be some other suggestions for me to try first that i hadn't thought of.
  12. In need of some help here

    Yeah I've already called them - no problem at their end - they are getting their tech support dept to contact me 48 hours. I'm so reluctant to do a reset as I'm convinced it won't help and my son doesn't yet have the luxury of nandroid or Titanium to make it easy. If it was my Hero I would try a reflash of the radio - I'm sure this is what is the culprit.
  13. In need of some help here

    My son has a new Desire that is not yet rooted on Virgin UK - it has been working fine for 3 weeks but suddenly yesterday it completely stopped sending/receiving calls or texts. It is showing a good signal connected to the network. I've tried all the obvious things rebooting, flight mode on and off, re-selecting network etc but to no avail. I would do a full reset but I honestly don't think that will make any difference to such a deep rooted problem. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what I can try?
  14. AutoKiller minfree manager

    I'm having the same problem with chomp SMS
  15. Help please with EXT wipe

    Thanks - I just confirmed you were right! Lifesaver this recovery image!