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  1. AndiTails added a post in a topic The sorry state of retail   

    For those with varying experiences of Carphone Warehouse - it depends on the type of store and the varying about of demos.
    There are approx. 300 "Wireless" stores, out of the total estate of 800 in the UK which are full of working phones (yes, tethered to displays, but they're on!).
    Of the 500 "Traditional" stores, these all have 'dummy' handsets, but simply ask and they will normally  have demo phones of the latest handsets out back to try.
    ezablade - the Sheffield Meadowhall is indeed a 'Wireless' store.
    James - looks like you were in a Traditional store.
    P.S. The above is also the same for the 'Phone House' stores in Europe too. The new 'Wireless' refits all have live handsets on displays.
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  2. AndiTails added a post in a topic Trackball Alert and Trackball Alert Pro now support Xposed   

    Has this been abandoned?
    Pro version no longer in the Play Store, and the Free version complains that the Xposed Framework is the wrong version.
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  3. AndiTails added a post in a topic XMOD: Region / Device / Root patched Google Wallet   

    Same issue here. Just chainfire root added.

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  4. AndiTails added a post in a topic [Bug] Unable to receive or end calls at lock screen   

    Not had this issue since moving to CyanogenMod 7..
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  5. AndiTails added a post in a topic How I use Tasker   

    Some great tips in there, thanks!

    Do you favour net / cell location over SSID then?
    When I use cell towers, Locale counts 38 towers in range in my house, yet my signal is still dire... Obviously easier for me to use SSID :(

    And from a Server Admin's POV - is that the stuff you get pulled from via WebGet by any chance? Might be an interesting way to check on my server, CPU loads, etc...
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  6. AndiTails added a post in a topic [KERNEL] Buzz Vega | .32.35 | CIFS | TUN | EXT4 | SLAB | NOOP | WiFi | NTFS | HOST/SLAVE | 0.7   

    Ok, I'll be the first to ask... any chance of a CM7 version? ;-)
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  7. AndiTails added a post in a topic Impressive PC World service   

    Well I'm back and typing this away on my new tablet :-)

    There was a slight issue: the Vega is still setup on the system as a repair product and not exchange so I had to get customer services to authorise it. It is something they are changing on the system though.
    If you have any issues, just get the store to call custoner services as they are all aware now.

    Also got a new screen protector thrown in as of course I couldn't reuse the old one.

    I'm actually liking the screen without the protector on..... its clearer!
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  8. AndiTails added a topic in Advent Vega -   

    Impressive PC World service
    Ok, I think I might be in shock.. but...

    Just got off Skype with PC World Customer Services (if you dial +448000234701 in Skype, and choose Option 4 for 'any other queries' you get through to Customer Services and best of all, it's free! You don't need credit as 0800 numbers are free on Skype - and I don't have a landline) as sadly my Vega tablet's touch screen has gone crazy :(

    Basically, a finger-width line down the right hand side is not responding to touch -- yes, exactly where the soft-buttons are on screen!!
    Really frustrating, and Screen Calibration doesn't fix it :)

    They checked my local store for stock - 13 in stock (gone are the days of rare as hen's teeth) and I can just pop in and swap it.

    Normally with PC World, it's only within 21 days, but apparently the Vega is just swap on site within manufacturers warranty (they would've courier collected it too, but I'd prefer to speed things up a bit!).

    Anyhow - thought I would be nice to let you guys know that if you do get a hardware problem, you won't have to wait weeks for them to send a replacement or 'repair' it. Just swap and go!

    So, I've made a ClockworkMod backup, pulled data.img, recovery.img & system.img into a custom NVFlash recovery, and will flash that onto my new tablet tomorrow morning to get back up and running in record time :(

    (Thought it would be nice to post something positive about PC World for a change!)
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  9. AndiTails added a post in a topic New Ad on PCWorld - Full of lies?   

    To be fair, it says play 3D games with no glasses required, well, I wear contact lenses, so don't need to wear my glasses, and if you have 20:20 vision, you wouldn't need to wear glasses too... maybe, it's just "in focus"? LOL!

    What a terrible advert. Unresearched at best. The mention of the Market Place is the biggest faux pas..
    But, let's remember, this is DSG, makers of the great Christmas Game "Toss Off an Elf" and other great classics... I don't think they really care!
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  10. AndiTails added a post in a topic modaco is a great site but not very optimized for mobile viewing.   

    I spoke with Paul about Tapatalk a few months ago as I have it installed on the forums I run.
    With all the modifications and multiple boards Paul runs, it's not simple to setup Tapatalk - but I believe there's a new version of the site in the pipeline, which will include a lot better mobile support.

    As a forum admin myself, I stand by Paul and let him get round to doing it in his own time, as upgrading is always a LOT of work, and normally coupled with a torrade of complaints and unhelpful comments (though a lot of good stuff too) from people who don't really get the amount of work involved.

    I upgraded my forum software a couple of weekends ago.
    It took 14 hours straight from end to end (to have the site back open, stable, and users posting as before) on my 18,000 user, 1,500,000 post forum. And that was 2 of us working together (the power of Skype!) and without the complexities of this multi-section, multi-subdomain site that Paul runs (although it is the same software - I was coming from a different forum software to this one).

    Anyway, just my 2p. And massively off-topic! (Mods' self!)
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  11. AndiTails added a post in a topic Screen calibration wrong - Vega unusable   

    I had a similar problem at the weekend, but a simpler solution.
    If you have ADB Debugging enabled on the Tablet, then just use DroidExplorer:
    (It also installs drivers for you!)

    It allows you to remote control the Vega via ADB (albeit rather slowly) - just enough to get you to calibration and no need to mess about with USB Host, etc.
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  12. AndiTails added a post in a topic [HOW-TO] Remotely control your Vega from a PC   

    Just to add to this thread an excellent reason why:

    This morning my Vega's touchscreen calibration seemed to go crazy.
    I can only click on the far right of the screen.
    I can't change from USB slave to Master mode to use a mouse (icon typically middle of screen so can't 'touch' it).
    Can't get to the Screen Calibration utility either (again, not in a touchable place of the mis-aligned screen).
    Restoring from backup does nothing.
    I don't have Screencast app installed.
    Tried the older method of flashing the host.img and rebooting to make USB host mode work. Vega then failed to boot. Recovery again.. :D

    In the end, DroidExplorer to the rescue!
    Installed, clicked on Screen Calibration - and back in business!

    Ok, not regular usage - but a life saver!
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  13. AndiTails added a post in a topic No Titanium Backup Pro with Cocked Rom   

    In which case you need to get the license from your MoDaCo Plus Member page and add it to your SD card.

    You are an ad-free member, not a Plus member, therefore you do not get the extra software benefits.
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  14. AndiTails added a post in a topic [Bug] Unable to receive or end calls at lock screen   

    Yup, I've been getting this randomly too :P
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  15. AndiTails added a post in a topic No Titanium Backup Pro with Cocked Rom   

    By buying a license?

    It only turns to Pro if your license is on the 'SD' card.
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