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  1. licenced

    HTC One X Review

    Nice review thanks Paul. With regards to using the standard ICS functionality to 'disable' apps, I'm a little disappointed that this doesn't extend to everything - the option seems unavailable for things like Locations and Show Me and I can't find a discrete app for Mirror to even think about disabling it. Any ideas on how to get around this? Rooting and removal I guess. Dave
  2. There's a new ROM out for Orange Heros - (compared to the previous Seems odd to be releasing this now when we're (hopefully) only a month away from the official 2.1 release. No clues on HTCs site as to what the differences are either.
  3. I have switched back too - I noticed that GPS reception was worse with the newer version, as in it would never connect if behind a window, whereas the older version connects almost instantly. Outside it was fine, but that doesn't help in a car.
  4. licenced

    Bouncing Keyboard in Landscape!

    No setting I know of. I had this issue once and once only, just after upgrading the the HTC Generic 2.40 ROM. After a phone reboot I have not seen it since.
  5. 1) Watch the video and read the instructions on this page, then do it 2) Download the ROM of your choice from the first page of this thread 3) Watch the video and read the instructions on this page, then do it Easy :-) If you want to flash a Radio file separately just treat it like another ROM flash - rename it to update.zip and follow the instructions in step 3 above again
  6. Not had any trouble with mine - I installed both the latest Radio and the HTC Generic 2.73.405.5 ROM and GPS is working fine - just tested it while out at lunch a minute ago Dave
  7. Hi, Flashed yesterday with the latest Radio update and then with the pre-rooted version of HTC Generic 2.73.405.5. All I can say is Awesome! The phone is so much faster now it's a joy to use. I haven't tried listening to music yet to see if the stuttering issue I had with it is fixed, but the rest of it is so much better. As for the radio - I can't really tell if that has improved - maybe a little, and maybe I am getting a few more 'lost connection, retry?' messages than I used to, but it's inconclusive. One question I have now is this: I have a branded Orange phone - by flashing the generic ROM is the phone now SIM unlocked? Thanks Dave