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  1. Htc one x wifi issue

    Snap :angry: Anyone else had experience with either T-Mobile UK or HTC UK in getting this sorted. I've read some horror stories on xda and given that it took me 4 attempts to get one without orange spots and with working GPS when i first got it, I'm not thrilled by the idea of trying to get a repair. Particularly given HTC's stupid attitude to 'warranty' when the bootloader is unlocked. In my case its bluetooth that's been noticeable as the problem, so I may bite the bullet and try the fix. Apart from visually, is there any way they can detect if it's been opened, in case I do need to send it back? Sadly this is looking like my last HTC phone, Just too many issues and drawbacks to put up with however much I like Sense. :blink:
  2. #askmodaco - the HTC One X+

    Really really wish they'd made this decision back when the One X was released, rather than coming up with that crud about 'customers want thinness over battery life'. Any chance that the battery might retrofit the One X - seems its the same form factor but is it any thicker? The battery is the one thing causing problems with the original One X for me - it sucks harder than a big sucky thing, if you'll excuse the technicalities. The speed is more than enough, and the screen is the best out there by far (excepting the issues I had on my first 3!) I'd love to see HTC offer a battery retrofit option (even at a cost) to their existing customers, but sadly I don't think companies care that much about their customers any more. If/when I upgrade in 12 months this may be an obvious choice, but the whole bootloader / warranty issue is becoming a show stopper for me. Seems like HTC want the 'hackers' and 'fiddlers' to go elsewhere...
  3. Anyone care to point me to a link with this mythical 'temp' unrooting of the Tegra One X, because it doesn't appear to be on Modaco or XDA. I only need root and would rather use that than bite the htcdev bullet and risk the warranty (not that I should have to!)
  4. T-Mobile UK Owners

    Hi, Also T-Mobile user here. Have you done the manual software update check in settings? I got the update to 1.28 last week, and it made a HUGE difference to battery life. Go to Settings | Software Updates | Check Now In passing, I've actually been impressed with TMo's customer service in terms of replacing my phone (just about to get my third) because of hardware problems. I was expecting a fight but they've been helpful both times so have slightly restored my faith in customer support. Glad I stayed with them now, especially since I got the phone for £20 on an upgrade with only an 18 month contract - should be just in time for the HTC TWO :)