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  1. Looks great, keep up the amazing work
  2. you able to use wallet on your HTC One?
  3. I tried replacing all the nfc libs from the sprint Rom without any change still spams the log about secure element.
  4. I am on android revolution hd 7.1 and now it no longer gives me that error but it just sits on seeing up wallet this could take up to five eventually crashes wallet and this repeats in logcat over and over... phLibNfc_SE_GetSecureElementList(): No SMX detected If you get this working let me know cause I am missing this feature from my galaxy nexus already.
  5. Hey Paul excellent work on the tool kit...coming from a Galaxy Nexus to an HTC One (tmobile). I used the toolkit to remove wallet checks and to fake build prop I was successful in getting wallet installed from play store this way but when I open it I get a message starting "Insufficient secure element privileges for this system image (release-keys) Any ideas?

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