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  1. How do I delete my account

    Please delete my account too. Thanks
  2. Setup controller (BGP100), works fine. Does anyone know how to exit fullscreen view?
  3. Not much :) ... other then it was just officially released ;) B) PS: Seem's to work fine, good frame rate(fullscreen), i don't have a controller to test, or played with the ini to set anything
  4. Does your dash have a USB connection?(EDIT: lol, of course it does... why would you buy the extra USB connector... sorry for the brilliant question :() If it does that means you can plug in the phone as a harddrive. 1. On the phone just change "settings>general settings>Usb Connection>... to either storage or storageCard. (Preferably choose the one with your music folder.) 2. Select the proper INPUT on your dash ("front usb" or what ever it is named) and your device will act as if it is plugged into the wall, and will recharge. and of course it will let you stream your music to your dash(as long as thats what the USB is meant for.) If thats not your intent This is the car charger I picked up, works fine. Charged phone(you can use it when charging, of course) (only, 4 hours of use, so can't comment on durability) http://www.futureshop.ca/catalog/proddetai...amp;catid=11110
  5. haha! lol... I just found that out the hard way. Took a trip out of town, Listening to Music/GPS through the speakers connected to the deck via bluetooth and the usb connected as well (thinking it would keep it charged). But like you said no data traveling along the usb, so no charge was happening. Soon as I hit my destination on the highway the phone died. lol perfect timing, just when I needed it. It works fine, keeps charged when your using the hard drive to stream media (as a usbMass storage, if deck has a USB) but yeah like you said, you got to use it to have it active. [edit] lol, forgot to answer. I ended up getting a generic microUSB car charger for the drive home. All was smooth, you should have no worries.
  6. so whatever happened with you trying to connect? "internet.fido.ca L:fido P:fido domain:" still the only thing that works for me MMS - i followed this http://windowsonthego.com/blog/?p=280 To add the last bit I went to "messeges>mms options>profile>New" MMS did not work when I selected : data connection>"FidoMMS" but it did work when I selected my GPRS connection "FidoInt" I was charge the $.50 MMS fee :D as it was supposed to WAP - And Wap nothing, i think it defaults to operator no matter what and I don't know where to change or remove the operator other then this posted on the i900 forums *#1546792*# - (Executes \Windows\AdminSettings.exe) Shows the Administrator Settings menu. In there: 1. Version - Shows a menu where you can access the version numbers for the PDA and the Software (redirects to the Settings Version applet) 2. Preconfiguration - Password is *#81230*#. Allows to preconfigure the Omnia Operator settings by changing the country and operator. Note: Changing this will hard-reset the device. This won't lock the device with the specified operator. and The only Canadian option is BMC (bell mobile Canada?) Can we swap the network(370)/country(302) codes in the registry or add an operator? or is that info predefined? so nothing gets downloaded to the phone? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Network_Code 3G - As for 3G I was in Montreal recently, the 3G icon was there, but I never used it. return to Ottawa only Edge. I have GSM 850/1900 selected so there should be no problem.
  7. Sorry, I hope I am not hijacking your post. I was interested in something similar, more I'd like to mod the interface instead. The Omnia II's UI is just a common swf that can be reversed, modify/ add/ subtract things from the Action script a little, then recompile. Thing is you need the dependencies first to recompile. I wouldn't doubt all Samsung devices use the same base, maybe one core class package? Kinda bumbed no one cares to look into this, as one of the nich cool factors of having any gadget is exclusiveness, although cool to have HTC or another devices interface. Having a Samsung phone be a Samsung phone just seems fresh, if that makes sense :D Does anyone know if the Omnia Pro UI is built in the same manor?
  8. Has any one tried editing the Widget Plus theme? It would be nice to see people working on improving Samsungs UI then opting on porting other systems devices. Especially since it is FLASH. AS2 support eh, a broader community, so much could be done! Are the packages available in the development kit? Or does anyone know where to get them? Just need to reverse the swf to start, then All it needs to recompile, is the "Manager" package containing the WidgetManager class and phone.widget classes
  9. I feel kind of embarrassed :) , this seems like a simple copy and paste but I can't overwrite the default CPR file in \Windows folder. I have tried using total commander to change the attributes(read-only), but it only reverts back to original. Titanium's Disabled, I don't think anything else could be using the file. Thanks if anyone can help, sure it is nothing big