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  1. Bricked padfone 2 ?

    1. in TWRP adb push the Pre-Mcr WWE rom to sdcard 2. boot into fastboot and flash paul's custom recovery 3. reboot into custom recovery and flash rom 4. depending on what SKU you are the first flashing could fail just try it again. Remember the first boot could take a while. 5. if it boots fine flash TWRP and make a backup. i think this should work.
  2. [RECOVERY] TWRP touch recovery [2013-02-26]

    very nice!! doing my first backup now :D
  3. [Q] mhl to hdmi

    i tried my old adapter from my Galaxy S2 and it works. but dont know whether the adapter from the S3 works too? i read somewhere that the adapters from S2 and S3 are different.
  4. don't know why but i can't push files with ADB in custom recovery to my sdcard. any ideas? adb remount is also not working.