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  1. twrock added a post in a topic It ended with a "thud"   

    "Pulse Resurrection" (the sequel)

    So I'm sitting on the sofa, looking at my dead U8220, thinking it's time to toss it out. But, then I think, hey, why not take it apart and have a look at what's inside? One tiny screwdriver and six tiny screws later, I've got it "open". Nothing too interesting there. I pull off a couple of ribbon cable connectors and reattach them without much thought. Decide not to do any more dissection, and just put it back together. And on a whim, I hit the power button one more time to have one more look at that old familiar screen, and... IT WORKS! :D

    So the moral of this story is if you've dropped your phone and something no longer works, go ahead and take it apart and at least wiggle stuff to see if it just might start working again. You never know.

    BTW, my wife is using the Huawei G300 and really liking it as a phone. (She's got a Kindle Fire HD, so she doesn't really want to do more than make calls with the phone; that's a shame.) I'm using my replacement Jiayu G2S, which is working flawlessly (finally). So my faithful U8220 is not being "buried", but is instead going into "retirement" just in case I need to bring it back some day when one of the other phones gets dropped.
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  2. twrock added a post in a topic Jiayu G2S   

    And there are still a lot of people complaining about the G2S "jump screen" problem. I would not recommend any phone with their OGS screen at this point.
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  3. twrock added a post in a topic Jiayu G2S   

    Unfortunately, I'm quite sure mine is the older hardware. But at least it works.
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  4. twrock added a post in a topic Jiayu G2S   

    My replacement phone has arrived. No "jump screen" problem! So far, it looks like a "keeper".
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  5. twrock added a post in a topic New stock ICS ROM without issues!   

    +1 DownUnder
    +1 Slim rom
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  6. twrock added a post in a topic [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM   

    Maybe stop installing so many different browsers? ;)
    Slim v11 is completely stable for me. I did a full wipe and reinstalled most of my apps from the Market, vs. restoring them from backups. YMMV, but I really like this rom.
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  7. twrock added a post in a topic What's the best room?   

    +1 on the bathroom. Just think about how difficult your home life would be without it.
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  8. twrock added a post in a topic [MOD] CM Style Power Toggles [ICS] [NEW MOD'S]   

    In case anyone is interested, here is a collection of blue/grey toggle icons for doing modifications yourself. I tried to compress each PNG so that the overall size of the resultant app would be minimal. These graphic files go into the /res/drawable-hdpi folder of the SystemUI.apk file. Enjoy.

    Blue Toggles png
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  9. twrock added a post in a topic [OFFTOPIC] China Phone Discussion - UPDATED 30/10/2013   

    The problem is not that they don't have a following or won't see any development. Both are happening significantly for many of these phones. The problem is that most of the following and development are happening in China, the home market for these phones. For example, the Jiayu G2S had mod roms being released almost immediately after the phone went on the market. Because of the sheer size of the Chinese market, many of these cheap but high spec phones have a large following almost immediately.

    But, the critical issue is that you need to be able to interact in Chinese, or, yes, your options will be limited.
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  10. twrock added a post in a topic [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM   

    I further modified the SystemUI.apk I'm using to reduce its size under 1mb. So this file is flashable, and contains a modified version of the Power Toggles icons. The icons are grey when off and blue when on. The battery icons are stock ICS. I flashed after the first boot, so I don't know if it can be put into the rom before flashing that. YMMV, but it works well for me.

    Edit: I was doing some testing. I wiped the phone, flashed the rom, and then immediately flashed this blue PowerToggles file prior to the first boot. After that it booted just fine and worked correctly after the boot. So apparently it can be done.
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  11. twrock added a post in a topic Browsers   

    Well, for what it's worth... Opera Mobile renders my agency's website correctly in overview mode. Stock browser does not.
    Opening the page in overview mode is a matter of taste, but I find it helpful, so I prefer it.
    Thanks for the tips.
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  12. twrock added a post in a topic [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM   

    If anyone else is interested, here's a replacement SystemUI.apk in flashable format that has stock battery icons and blue toggle icons. I don't know if it can be installed before the first boot of the rom. I flashed it later, and it seems to work fine for me. Disclaimer: no guarantees, might brick your phone, etc., etc.

    Edit: I did further modifications. See this post:
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  13. twrock added a post in a topic [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM   

    For me, this rom is "better" because in Stock+ I was never able to get storage to ext-SD to stick. It would revert to internal on every boot. (And yes, I did try a bunch of the suggestions, including reformatting my SD card.) This rom defaults to ext-SD and stays there, and that makes it better for me.

    I'm very happy jsevi83 added the Power Toggles. I'd prefer the stock battery icon, but having the added functionality of Power Toggles is worth losing that.

    Big "thank you" to jsevi83!
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  14. twrock added a post in a topic [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM   

    I look forward to v11.
    And thank you for the confirmation that Paul's kernel actually makes things slower (without overclocking). That was my experience as well. Now I am using this rom with some simple modifications to apps only, no kernel replacement. Oh, and I installed the modified notification toggles too. It is a very nice and light weight rom. It will be interesting to see if the new kernel you mention will actually be better than what we already have.
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  15. twrock added a post in a topic [OFFTOPIC] China Phone Discussion - UPDATED 30/10/2013
    Yep, MTK based. It is a good looking phone. Very similar to the G2 in style. I really hope they have the OGS manufacturing completely resolved. I suspect that they do, or the market is going to go ballistic.
    I still don't have my new phone. Three weeks and counting. :angry:
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