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  1. Andy_in_Indy

    Why is colour and good design only allowed on Windows phones?

    While I personally prefer a more understated color (Black, slate gray, Lincoln green or olive) for my phone, I have no issue with the Windows Phone devices' brighter colours. I think it does a good thing and makes them stand out, but it gives them an "unprofessional" look. More fun than serious.
  2. Andy_in_Indy

    Would you buy a machined tripod mount for your One X?

    I already bought a Capta for a tripod mount, and it works well with many phones.
  3. Andy_in_Indy

    Compiling for the Samsung phones

    Is there a guide to compiling a kernel for Samsung Android phones? I see a lot of information about which proprietary files need to be copied over for the HTC Dream and Magic, but not for the Galaxy. Also, is the kernel foe the Moment on the Samsung open source web site?