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  1. Just tried doing a backup and installing JR8 and my phone sdcard partition is now completely screwed up. At least installing JR7 got it back to a working state but it looks like i'm going to have to format the sdcard.
  2. Just as an FYI. I just installed CM10 for the time being to get a working phone again.
  3. So...I installed the latest ROM...and now the phone won't boot up. There's a looping logcat and this is the start of it. http://pastebin.com/17FiUgwG Has somebody had the same experience? know how to fix it?
  4. Another New HTC, full-QWERTY destined for Verizon

    Agreed. I didn't think the touch scroller thing on the Desire Z was particularly useful.
  5. Miui 0.9.20 rom - insane

    Downloading now. going to try it asap. saw the youtube video. looks really impressive. didn't expect that from China.
  6. How does this compare to Kagudroid? I believe Kagu is also using Cyanogen's build.
  7. Thanks Paul and Teknologist for the ROM and kernel. nice work. But Paul, are you going to release a 3.0 version with CIME or are you just teasing like you did with 2.9?
  8. Thanks for that. I will give that a try. (it's always painful to do a full wipe. I hate setting up my phone)
  9. Hi guys, reading lots of good stuff about 1.7 but could someone please confirm. Do I need to set up EXT4 before installing 1.7? I was using MCR 2.8 and decided to installed 1.7 and had somewhat of a disaster. The phone booted into Sense but then kept on rebooting after about a minute. So I tried restoring to my last backup (taken right before i installed 1.7). Unfortunately the phone just got stuck on the "Hero" screen when booting up. So far I've wiped the phone and reinstalled MCR 2.8 to get the phone to work again. I am now trying to get hopefully one of my backups restored so I get my old set up back. But at the same time I'm not going to give up on getting 1.7 working on my phone so any guidance is appreciated. TIA.