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  1. @Davidoff59 - could be something like that. I installed betterbatterystats and the phone is going into deep sleep ok. So the issue seems to be with the battery and/or charging electronics. Did your phone ever recover? I may try getting an original zte charger and yet another battery before giving up on it. The previous charger has just gone pop and started smoking so I suspect it wasn't the best :-P I've been using the charger from my new phone - Galaxy Note - instead. I don't know if that's recommended. It seems to have the right specs.
  2. I bought a new phone some time ago and gave my San Francisco to my wife. After some weeks, it started to go wrong. It takes an age to charge, runs very hot, and then the battery gives out *very* quickly. So much so that she is having to plug it in to AC to be able to send messages, etc. It was on Ginger Stir Fry (old version, beta 12), so I thought, OK, maybe that's a bit outdated. Some app. is running full blast and using up all the CPU. So I wiped and formatted everything using Clockwork and flashed the EcoBlade ROM. The ROM looks great and seems to be working fine, but first look suggests that the problem is still the same. If the problem is not a rogue app, does anyone have any ideas what's going on, and if it's fixable? By the way, I have two batteries, and the problem seems to be the same with both. Another thing, I lost the stock charger and got a replacement from ebay, but I was using the new one myself for some months without problems before giving her the phone.
  3. Manage apps, go to Market, uninstall update, uninstall the separate Market updater app. (Actually maybe the last part isn't necessary - that might be where I went wrong. Anyone have that as an .apk?)
  4. I fixed this by removing the market update. Now I have old version of Market though, with comments on the same tab as the app. Not sure how to upgrade again, as the update was a silent one by Google I believe.
  5. Has anyone used Titanium Backup to restore apps / data to a new phone? I'm sure it's not going to work in a lot of cases but I'm wondering how to avoid setting everything up from scratch to get it the way I like it. Could I restore Launcher Pro and its settings for example, if I copied my TB folder to the new phones's sim card?
  6. Thanks for the review - another Pulse convert here...
  7. It worked fine after a reboot. Thanks to you and Daz55!
  8. Thanks for that. Does this mean a fresh install after partitioning? If not, should A2SD just start working after I've made the changes?
  9. I'm guessing that's a 'no'? As far as App2SD is concerned, do I need to set up the partitioning on my SD card specially? Is the default partitioning done by the ROM install not right for App2SD? Thanks!
  10. I'm also having problems with a2sd not working. Here's what I get when I do a2sd check from adb: a2sd check [ ] Apps2SD is launching... [ ] Starting Apps2SD Check Program. [ ] Searching for Mount Point... [Ô£ö] Mount point /system/sd located. [ ] Checking for ext partition [Ô£û] Ext partition found, but not mounted. Your rom may not be setup to run Apps2SD. Check with your rom developer if the boot image is programmed to run Apps2SD. Your partition may be using an EXT4 partition, but your rom may not support EXT4. Repartition your SD card to use EXT2 or EXT3. What's the best course of action to take to fix this? Thanks for the rooted ROM by the way :D
  11. I flashed to this ROM after using the Hungarian 2.1 Now for the first time the links on the launcher icons are mixed up. Is there a fix for this?
  12. lemmyc

    Market problems

    So in that case it should be possible to spoof the OS version when surfing the market, and that should solve the problem?
  13. lemmyc

    Market problems

    Seems like quite a few people are having problems accessing some apps on the Market, including me. I have tried using the US setting on MarketEnabler, and have also tried Eris Market Fix. Neither solved the problem for me. Some of the apps I can't see in the Market: Google Earth Google Goggles Evernote Swype Can anyone see these in the Market? According to this blog post app compatibility is set in each app's manifest file. What is it about these apps that isn't compatible with this ROM? (Or is it just me :( )
  14. I'm having problems with the market too. I can't access those apps either. Or Evernote, or Swype... I've tried MarketEnabler but that didn't help. Would be interested to hear if anyone with this rom can access those apps.