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  1. giryan added a post in a topic Mobile Broadband on a Budget (or FREE!)   

    I've been using a PAYG sim from T-Mobile in my tablet for a while.
    If you purchase £20 of topup, then you get a month's free internet: http://www.t-mobile....s-you-go/plans/
    Then they do a 6 Month internet booster for £20:
    So for £40 you can get 14 months of internet.
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  2. giryan added a post in a topic Is the 3 version network locked   


    Not sure about the second Q, I'm guessing that we won't have to wait, we'll probably know quite quickly if this rumoured OTA volume fix comes through.
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  3. giryan added a post in a topic Is the 3 version network locked   

    Yeah, I picked up one PAYG. Haven't even inserted the sim I had to buy, just popped my T-Mobile sim in, and I'm off. :D
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  4. giryan added a post in a topic USB transfer to/from Linux??   

    Sounds like, based on this:
    that you need to do something like this:
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  5. giryan added a topic in HTC Flyer -   

    Flyer on its way :D
    I've been after a tablet for a while to replace the netbook I got rid of when I found I was using my Desire more and it was better for youtube et al.
    And then I saw Paul was quizzing HTC about Honeycomb, and the price has dropped significantly from the initial £600.

    even happier I saw this on twitter this morning :D!/PaulOBrien/status/109529957859991552
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  6. giryan added a post in a topic What is my Pulse worth?   

    I just sold mine for £30.

    I didn't really feel right asking more for it given how flakey they are :lol:
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  7. giryan added a post in a topic ANDROID 2.1 T-MO UK UPDATE   

    Yeah, a friend's just updated to it(I'm sticking with FLB for the moment :) ), looks really good in comparison to the Hungarian one.
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  8. giryan added a topic in Android General Discussion   

    New Acer phone, Stream
    I just got a mail from Expansys, and Acer have a new Phone out.
    Quite surprisingly there doesn't seem to have been any press or talk of it at all!
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  9. giryan added a post in a topic 30/Jun r1 (4399) - MoDaCo Custom ROM for the Dell Streak (Android 1.6) with Online Kitchen   

    I'm guessing you've not seen the Android benefits area.
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  10. giryan added a post in a topic Turn off multitasking   

    The thing is, the Android OS does multitasking completely differently to iOS:

    So it's not really as much of a big deal, or simple to do.
    There are task managers/autokiller apps that do what you're after, but IMHO make it worse.
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  11. giryan added a post in a topic Dell Streak now available SimFree/unlocked from Dell   

    Is that confirmed? because AFAIK the Streaks that CPW have been selling were locked to O2.
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  12. giryan added a post in a topic Orb   

    Yes, well if you do it for something like text messages or webpages that's what happens, so it ought to.
    I've not done it with the media stuff.
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  13. giryan added a post in a topic Orb   

    Settings ->Applications-> Manage Applications-> <what ever the default media app is called> ->press the "Clear defaults" button under the Launch by default section.
    (or something like that )
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  14. giryan added a post in a topic Sticky topics - topic :)   

    What might be good would be if there was a sticky that had links to all of the ROM threads, that way you pretty much get the best of both worlds, they're easy to find, but aren't going to add loads of cruft at the top.
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  15. giryan added a post in a topic Reply from O2   

    yeah, says it here:
    However they only sell it with contract on O2, so I'm really doubtful too.
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