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  1. Great info, thanks. I just wonder abouth possibility to open the phone and check the contacts of the microphone or replacing it. Should be less than £15 minus weeks of waiting and nerves.
  2. dino_mk

    Video playback problem (CM6.1)

    And silly, I was thinking only my Pulse is having this problem. Any solution yet?
  3. dino_mk

    Gingerbread rom for Pulse - issues

    First thanks for all your work Tom! Is this partition problem with uk 2.1 update partitioned space? Because if I remember correctly the Swedish 2.1 update was making 10mb bigger system partition.
  4. dino_mk

    Macedonian Lounge

    Пробај од време на време да го бришиш далвик кешот (преку рикавери). Кај мене успева да го врати телефонот на почетна брзина барем за некое време дури не го наполнам пак со инсталирај-бриши апликации :(
  5. dino_mk

    ADWLauncher EX. “A new hope”

    I have try it, it is much faster and responsive than the free version of ADWLauncher. Thanks!
  6. dino_mk

    ADWLauncher EX. “A new hope”

    So you just install it like any app, not in the system or something?
  7. dino_mk

    Macedonian Lounge

    Мора да го примат преку т-мобиле, ќе оди мноооогу поспоро ама ќе мора да ти го поправат.
  8. dino_mk

    Macedonian Lounge

    Шо производство е помалиот, многу ми личи на едно кинеско ѓубре шо ми падна враце, т.е. ми го дадоја да им инсталирам SKYPE. Ако си сериозен за земање ти препорачвам прво да го пробаш.
  9. dino_mk

    CyanogenMod 6 port for Pulse

    Is this working? I flash it and now I am stuck on startup animation. Pls give me quick fix, need my phone early in the morning.
  10. Thanks ogiogi! Works and looks great. Респект :rolleyes:
  11. It is about time ogiogi. I try E.Steel.BT.CM6.0.20 but find myself in boot-loop.
  12. dino_mk

    Macedonian Lounge

    Колку да се врати топиков на прва страна. Огиоги или Игор-анта дај скоцкајте една патриотска (Македонска) тема. :rolleyes:
  13. My front cover is cracked too ,fall on the cement floor, and it has a crack like glass. There are no scratches just crack so I think it is a some type of glass. Now a question, is the front cover part of the screen or it is just protective cover???
  14. dino_mk

    Angry Birds on Pulse

    The birds on my Pulse aren't striking and penetrating hard like on some other devices. For example on my friends Milestone, birds are destroying more blocks than on my Pulse (same level, same type of bird and same place of hit). Can someone else confirm this?