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  1. Thank's paul. The review is great. But the tablet shouldn't have a Nexus name. Nexus must produce with great effort, not best effort :) And since the Apple win versus samsung, google must be creative produce new design. I love apples, but hate apple :)
  2. I agree with "It’s still a big phone ". I have message their facebook page :D, but they said "Please send the message to developer page". I dunno, why they said big is good, it's too wide. it look like I speak with a big box. iPhone and Xperia is the one which has nice phone dimension. And I hope HTC change their design in next release. If you follow the HTC phone roll-out, you can define if all their phones have similar design. It's sooooo boring. it's not a phone, it's a big box with android inside. HTC will lost their market share if they continue this.....
  3. What you mean by FM not working for now but it placed in "FIXED" . can we have 16M screen color for this rom?
  4. 3D??? hey, I'm mobile. and 3D will drain my battery fast. it is better if you can add real digital camera to smartphone. not only has a big MP but lack in quality. ZTE superphone with SONY NEX lense (or other perfect lense)? wao, too good to be true. and it tooo perfect if the lense allow to be plugged in and plugged out :D
  5. Dear Paul, Just an idea. Write comment in this thread should give one additional point. Just look now, it was several days but this thread only has 2 pages. People got lazzy to "HURRAYYYYYYYY" this game. Sory my bad english :)
  6. can someone told me, how good is the advent services. I mean, you know, it's google android where all people always want the last update. and, how good they answer the customer question. just like SE and HTC with their FB and twitter
  7. how about galaxy s II ? :)
  8. CONGROTULATION .................
  9. before you hand the desire hd, see this video
  10. OK, then it started. One Question, what is the beautifull of vega?
  11. done. just fun and hope got new phone this year :D my mini is forgotten by SE. so sad....
  12. My omnia has blank out. no logo just red light. I found no one solution to this problem. now, I want to take out the internal memory (16Gb) to be used for other phone. can it? Thx, sory for my bad english
  13. the most I hate with HTC design are the shortcut of home, menu, back, and zoom. it should abstract symbolize, for example symbol buton of PS2: square, triangle, circle, and cross
  14. Lovely Beautifull, the most elegant phone
  15. Congratulations to the winners!!!! :)

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