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  1. Chaz_UK

    GoApps - investigating the privacy claims

    Thank you for the investigation Paul. Interesting stuff. It is a shame that some people assume the worst regarding China but the mainstream media do like go paint the country in a negative light.
  2. Thanks for the warning. Was just about to update. You've saved me some time. :unsure:
  3. Such an excellent thread and a pleasure to read. I love what all of the communities have achieved for the blade and hope it continues for a long time. The trolling/complaining is a massive shame but I do feel that what has been achieved by the communities making all this possible on the Blade outweighs all of the negativity. Great thread.
  4. I've disabled dithering andrebooted and it seems fine for now. Thanks for the replies!
  5. Is anyone else getting errors like this? Some games for me run with missing graphics: This is a screenshot of Angry Birds Rio on my Blade which is missing much of the in game graphics and I also have the same on all other games. I did some searching in this thread with no results of anyone with GFX errors. I'm a bit obsessive over my Blade and how well it runs so I wipe everything everytime I update so I get the best out of each nightly/RC. Any ideas? Thanks!
  6. At last the apps on SD issue is sorted. Loving the progress of CM7. :D
  7. I updated via Rom Manager this morning and first thing I checked was the version number. Its 2.3.3. Lovingcthe development of CM7 so far.
  8. Downloading build 8 now. I'm really pleased with all of the progress made. I never did think the low end Blade was going to be embraced by the Dev community the way it has and the fact we have a usable build of Gingerbread with all the CM improvements has blown me away. Progress seems to be made every release and I've enjoyed testing each build.
  9. Impressed with the stock Gingerbread UI on my Nexus S, I've gone for the Gingerbread look thanks to kallt_kaffe's excellent Japanese Jellyfish ROM & Frankish's superb themes. Also using: Gingerbread Launcher NexusKang free live wallpaper with stock Gingerbread background. Beautiful Widgets. I'm also using the stock Nexus S ringtones with my SanFran too. Nothing special but it's what I like! I absolutely love this phone tho. :D
  10. Just installed it on my SanFransisco and upon the first boot it seems great! Far, far better than the stock Android 2.1 release. Time to play with some themes and stuff. Great work. :unsure:
  11. Chaz_UK

    New style Market APK downloads

    All installed on the Nexus One, Galaxy Tab and the good old SanFransisco. Thanks for sharing the link on Twitter Paul.
  12. Chaz_UK

    Bought a Vega? Or thinking about it?

    I originally had my heart set on the Vega but I wanted a device I could pop a simcard into and use on the go so I opted for the Galaxy Tab. I've loved reading all the progress made so far with the Vega stil!
  13. Chaz_UK

    Got your Vega? Share your thoughts!

    Thanks for the video! B) I'm torn on weather to get this or the Galaxy Tab now. I was going to pick up a Tab Friday so there is plenty of more time to get everyone's impressions of the thing.