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  1. acessing phones filesystem??

    no problem.
  2. acessing phones filesystem??

    use root explorer, you need to have root.
  3. Make your Desire ROM auto attach APN

    can i push it thru adb?
  4. Do I need to reflash my Sprint Hero?

    dont know... might try one guide on theunlockr.com or something like that
  5. rom and update experts? problem

    you cant update OTA(from your phone) because you rooted your phone. you want to keep the root, or not?
  6. App backup and restore question

    you mean that your apps have been erased in the flash procedure? use titanum backup. in the market.
  7. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=645253 or: one from the two in here: http://theunlockr.com/category/howto/andro...ero-g2-how-tos/
  8. Preventing OTA for Hero

    maybe check again if it turned off?
  9. best video player

  10. best video player

    what is the best video player there is? payed apps to.
  11. scenes

  12. scenes

    OK, thanks. but i think there most be other way of doing that.
  13. scenes

    when i have arrenged all my widget and stuff on the screens. and i need to do wipe. it is really annoying doing it all again. so i have a question. when i save my scene(there is an option for that) so it must be saved somewhere. cant i pull it with adb. and than when i need to wipe so i will push it back to the right place. can something like that be done? i dont want to use titanum backup and all this.
  14. HTC hero hangs after flash.

    you need to download SDK http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html. and than from cmd : cd c:\<the folder of the SDK>\tools and than you can run adb commans. pay attention that the tools folder will be find in 2 or 3 folders after extracted
  15. Amon Ra Recovery Image