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  1. They Need To Be Fed 2 free today only

    The App of the day app redirects you to a different version of the game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.venbrux.tntbf2_special I guess this *special* version will only be on shelf today, and you won't get any updates to the app after today?
  2. BARGAIN WATCH: Sony Xperia P @ £149.99

    I don't see the phone on pay ass you go anymore, I guess it is now sold out?
  3. BARGAIN WATCH: Sony Xperia P @ £149.99

    it is an AWESOME phone for the money!!!
  4. Alleged Samsung Galaxy S III Mini specs and image leak

    Could STE be ST-Ericsson? The mid-entry level uses ST-Ericsson CPU. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NovaThor
  5. Motorola Atrix......

    Ya, did it to my phone and running Orange FR 2.3.4 at the moment.
  6. I made a big mistake because I sold my blade and bought a pre2. I am still regreting the decision... I think I gonna get a nexus s or something soon...
  7. american nexus s in the UK?

    Is it going to work out cheaper? I mean, ADVERTISING SPAM is selling it for GBP 303 or something.
  8. U8800 Now Ordered!!

    shame man, hope you gonna get your phone tomorrow!! I am considering to get this phone as an upgrade from blade. but wife wants me to get a proper phone (i.e. galaxy S II) instead... she doesn't want me keep buying cheap Chinese phones and upgrade every 10 month... (pulse > blade > Ideos X5) Anyone think the Galaxy S II will last over 18 month?
  9. I dis the windows upgrade from gen1 to gen2 but 850 mhz 3g did not work for me. I am currently in toronto with rogers, they should be on 850 mhz 3g.
  10. Hi all, I will be stuck in Toronto for a short while... and I noticed Rogers uses UMTS850 and UMTS1900. My blade (OSF from UK) is gen1, so by default it only has UMTS900/2100. Then I saw that upgrading to Gen2 will enable UMTS850. So I upgraded. However, even after upgrade, I shouldn't couldn't get any 3G signal from Rogers, nor from any other operators here. So I thought I'd fire the question off... Anyone got 3G signal on Rogers in Toronto? Cheers, KL
  11. What I did last time was to re-run the Gen1 to Gen2 upgrade - to get clockwork back (but that is if you can get into the FTM mode)
  12. Thanks for the new guide. I think it makes much sense than the old one. I upgraded with the old guide and during the process I really hoped it was made more clear.
  13. Missing the option "Already done" I am currently in Toronto, and I thought upgrading to Gen2 will let me make use of the 850MHz 3G. So I upgraded... But somehow I still couldn't get Rogers 3G signal :) So I have upgraded for nothing... sigh...
  14. If you want to install CM7, you can install it through clockworks and install patch straight-after, to make the ROM compatible. then you can restart the phone
  15. Hi all, I was moving between 2.1 and 2.2 for the past few month, trying to find the most suitable ROM for me. And until yesterday, I never had the "dead touch screen" issue when I run 2.2. Since yesterday, I start to get it, and it happened 4 or 5 times just yesterday. I don't think any of the apps could have cause it to happen, because it seems to be a recurring issue based on forum posts. So I try to think back about the setting I have changed. The only thing I was aware of, was that I set my phone to lock to 2G network (to try to save power). So last night, before I go to bed, I set it back to allow GSM/UMTS connection after another screen freeze. And till now, the screen is still working as it should. I don't know if it is co-incident or not, I just want to share my findings, and see if this can cure the problem for anyone else. Cheers,