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  1. Its time to replace my Desire - the price and spec are a no-brainer, but I am wondering if I will miss Sense ?
  2. pezz

    2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter with microphone?

    I gave up with the Jack plugs and have bought one of these Jabra units too. So far so good, very easy to use and so far the FM transmitter has been ok. Will be interested to see how the battery life holds up.
  3. Yes I have had to do the same thing.
  4. pezz

    2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter with microphone?

    Yes I have Car Mode it does work -but where the external speaker is facing the wrong way when in a cradle the volume isnt really lound enough, especially at speed. Le Lutin i think we have touched on this before. I wondered if the supplied 2.5 - 3.5 adapter might be the problem IE it only transfers the headphone signal but not the microphone ? I keep thinking about cutting the supplied headphones too but havent been brave enough !
  5. pezz

    Pulse doesnt bounce !

    Hmm I've been a bit of a n*b and dropped my Pulse and unfortunately the normal 'ear' speaker no longer works. Its not the end of the world as I have Car Mode installed to automatically go to Loudspeaker and of course handsfree. However I bought the phone off ebay and am using it on Virgin so have no route back into T Mob, not that they are very helpful, judging by other people's experience. I am looking for a bit of advice as to whether it is likely to be fixable and any suggestions of where to look to get it fixed. thanks
  6. Hi again le_lutin, did you ever get anywhere with this? I have noticed this too after moving to 1.7 MCR vanilla (this might be co-oincedence). On mine it is causing distortion which makes it difficult to hear clearly even with the volume right down. Thanks
  7. pezz

    Car Holder

    I found one in Halfords that rotates through 360 degrees - it has 4 spring loaded rubber prongs which grip the pulse (and dont interfere with any of the buttons). You separate the prongs which then spring back to grip it. You can then put the phone at any angle you wish. Its a bit fiddly to start with, but you soon get used to it - you just need to be sure that you get the phone flush against the base. http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/...tegoryId_165452 I mount this on the vents with the clips supplied and have removed the base.
  8. Same for me I'm unable to select a call center option during a call. Eg press 1 for a billing enquiry, press 2.......
  9. pezz

    Vanilla vs Branded rom

    Aha, many thanks - now sorted. I'm sure the instructions detailed some command line stuff (which put me off B) )
  10. pezz

    Vanilla vs Branded rom

    I have just moved from the T Mob to Vanilla and also find it much quicker - however I didnt do a wipe and get force closures on the left hand home screen. I know there is an instruction about this but I havent got a clue how/where to do it ! If I can fix this I will deffo stay with the vanilla version. In fact in the worst case I will just ignore the left homescreen.
  11. Aha Google ........ I have just noticed that my G'mail account had sync'd my contacts (I have never used this!) from the phone and after settling down has now auto sync'd them back to the phone. :) I will have a dig around the market for the others - thanks for your help
  12. Thanks got impatient and installed the December update and then tried to backup ... :) . So i guess I'm stuffed - out of interest how are you meant to backup your apps/contacts/sms etc ?
  13. Would appreciate some advice please - I am about to install this update on my Pulse and have rooted and run a nandroid backup as advised. Am I right in expecting the backup restore my data (Contacts, SMS and Apps etc ) ? Thanks and apologies if this seems stoopid ! Pezz
  14. pezz

    Screen rotation

    Can anybody tell me if it is possible to invert portrait mode so that the connections are at the bottom of the phone when it is in a cradle please. This would be really useful in the car etc. Many thanks Pezz
  15. le_lutin, have just ordered one of these - after a bit of googling I think the iphone uses the same set up and like you said it has the 3 bands on the jack plug. I will have to use the supplied adapter as well but i thought it worth a try ! http://www.blueunplugged.com/p.aspx?p=135448