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  1. Hi, Just wondered if someone can answer, would any of the custom ROMs here resolve the car mode bug where once in car mode and you hit the Home key you no longer get taken back to the default car mode app but the main launcher screen? Thanks!
  2. FLB-Mod 1.1 & 1.2 problems

    Musicmod player fixed the issue, thanks - can now skip tracks fine. I still get occasional A2DP dropout (ie the song playing back drop's out for 1/2 second every few minutes), I may try going back to FLB 1.1 because it was fine with that - could that be down to this "tre" kernel in 1.2?
  3. FLB-Mod 1.1 & 1.2 problems

    Thanks, will give it a bash and let you know.
  4. FLB-Mod 1.1 & 1.2 problems

    1) Phone type: T-Mobile UK Pulse 2) Which Official 2.1 ROM did you flash (T-Mobile, Tre, other) T-Mobile 2a) If flashed T-Mobile did you flash custom_hu no 3) Did you do a full wipe before installing? (yes/no) yes 4) Did you use any restore apps like Titanium Backup? (yes/no) no 5) Are you using A2SD? (yes/no) no 5a) If yes, do you have dalvik on SD? 6) Problem with the rom in detail: Bluetooth AVRCP does not seem to work, I cannot control my phone from my car stereo when streaming via A2DP. This worked fine with FLB 1.1, I wiped and went to FLB 1.2 but AVRCP no longer works - A2DP streaming still works OK, just can't control the tracks anymore.
  5. December 2009: T-Mobile Pulse software update

    It has fixed Gmail push for me :)
  6. Pulse does not sync emails properly

    Ok, so it seems like for some people out of the box it may work but for quite a few it doesn't. I'll be getting back to T-Mobile, if they can't sort this out the Pulse is going back, this is a basic feature that should just work IMHO. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who is running a vanilla Pulse on T-Mobile UK with push working fine.
  7. Pulse does not sync emails properly

    I have tried the above and still cannot get push email working correctly, it will work initially after clearing the data above but then stops working again. This is really annoying, one of the key things I want working is push email - I had this working fine on my Windows Mobile phone.... I spoke to T-Mobile tech support, he wasn't aware of any issue and got me to reload the Nov firmware from their site but it made no difference, anyone else having issues?