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  1. HTC One X Review

    Hi Paul, I mostly agree with your review, aside that bit on Sense 4.0. I never used any HTC device but the menus looks very gingerbreadish to me. If I were to buy this phone I would probably wait for a Cyanogenmod to appear first. The lock-screen is more practical for sure (not prettier though). What I am wondering is though, why can't they just make a smaller device with a more powerful processor. The One S is fast (and also nice to look at) but its not exactly what you call small and the One V is hardly an upgrade from my current SGS either. I wonder if there is a market for a smaller device (at most 4.0") with a powerful cpu that is not an iphone!
  2. JPC - who's using it?

    Thats good to know :P I am looking to upgrade my phone from JM3 hopefully froyo rom. I have too many apps and even Titanium backup will take a while lol.
  3. I have to say now that I have it for two days it kinda looks fragile. I have ordered a protective casing hopefully that will be enough..
  4. Hmm :D I am getting mine tmw. I might opt to sell it to get a nexus one instead. What do you think which is better for a long term use more than a year hopefully!
  5. Liquid > i9k

    I am getting rid of my Acer liquid for the Samsung Galaxy S primarily due to hardware issues with the acer. Battery and Cpu overheat, random freeze/hangs , battery drains within 8 hours whatever I do. But I am not keeping the touch wiz interface for sure, it doesn't look that good IMO
  6. (Rumour/gossip)Two new high end phones break cover.

    Bloody hell! how about a phone that you can put in your pocket? :) Isn't 3.7 already big as it is? I still need to see a Samsung galaxy S to see how it looks though..
  7. Battery life conclusions on different bins.

    Yes its enough to go to the about phone menu and then battery use
  8. Battery life conclusions on different bins.

    I think my battery is half dead. Need to charge the damn thing twice a day... and I have autosynch off! And the phone is only 7th months old. So I'm getting the same results on all firmware :(
  9. Battery question

    Hello I have my acer liquid since when it first come out in December. Depending on the rom I had the battery would die with a day and a Half or much less. However lately since LCR 1.7.1 & 1.7.2 the battery has struggled to get past a day even when autosynch was of for better part of the day. Mind you I haven't done precise tests because I need to use my phone, but it seems the battery is dying tto me. Otherwise it might be caused by a service that is always running. I noticed that gtalk is in memory running EVEN after logging of from talk.. anyone with similar experience, is there way of testing the battery status? I will try to leave the phone today with autosynch off and check the battery consumption stats in android.
  10. [ROM] Liquid Community ROM v1.7.3 [27/07/10]

    There are some issues with the 1.5 rom: The music player doesn't work, it crashes for me. some thing for apps that want to access the maps like runkeeper. When attempting to display a map inside a 3rd app there is a crash.
  11. [ROM] Liquid Community ROM v1.7.3 [27/07/10]

    Cool can you give us some more details of what's coming up? This way I can decide if to update my rom or wait. Cheers
  12. nah that's overrated <_< and what topic? I thought this thread was about ppl keeping on trolling on eta's. Don't we have moderators here?
  13. LCR is dead ?

    Can't you possibly wait for them to finish the rom <_< one week won't kill ya, you could still use the previous roms, no? IF angio can't make it someone else will don't get hysterical ppl! :mellow:
  14. Why would you need that? If the rom is stable then a task killer is perfectly useless at best and if its as bad one it wont help much anyways. I haven't used that for some time and the battery is decent enough for the use I make. if you want to really kill a service just go to applications settings :(
  15. Paul, Lickonn & disc0

    Thats amazing :( thanks Malez And mates stop beeing whiny! give the developers some time! :(