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  1. Mr O'Brien has just tweeted that a statement will be made later today.
  2. Yep and looks like it'll be cheaper to as well. Unfortunately it's still not cheap enough when compared to the like of UMI, Elephone, Vernee and the like. Really needs to be at the £200-250 price point to be a real success me thinks.
  3. It is Alcatel Idol 4s in slightly different clothes. J
  4. So Google have done an Apple and are ripping UK customers off massively with the price difference between US & UK Nexus devices. So that's sorted out my dilemma, I wont be ordering a new Nexus phone anytime soon. Also am I correct in thinking they've dropped wireless charging? If so that's a huge disappointment.
  5. I think it must be an LG type of return. i.e. promised but very late in being delivered. :)
  6. Boo Sucks, loved the live video stream, no more laughing at your comedy faces or seeing how untidy Paul's office is anymore etc!!!!
  7. i like to win google play giftcard!
  8. Rocky7 hit the nail on the head there with his post and in most cases no the OEM's don't provide demo handsets & and stands, only in a few flagship stores will they do this.
  9. Still no default email widget so still no installation of stock Sense rom for me. :(
  10. Not "in" if it's iBood, you'd have to pay me to shop from there. Read customer feedback, shocking aftersales care and customer service.
  11. Prefer AOKP to be honest, better options, more features. But then CM does support a greater number of devices.
  12. Where's HTC One review Paul???
  13. Something is not right with 5Ghz WI-Fi throughput, at least with my Vodafone supplied HTC One. My Asus RT-AC66U arrived today and I have got it all set up correct I think. Have done comparitive speed tests with the HTC One and my Nexus 4 Results On 5Ghz Nexus 4 Link speed = 72Mbps Max Down = 54Mbps Mx Up = 17Mbps HTC One Link Speed = 135Mbps Max Down = 30Mbps Max Up = 17Mbps On 2.4Ghz (802.11g) I get Nexus 4 Link speed = 65Mbps Max Down = 43Mbps Mx Up = 13Mbps HTC One Link Speed = 72Mbps Max Down = 45Mbps Max Up = 12Mbps Hmmm that doesn't look good to me.
  14. Thanks I'll try Nova as well, now I've got Apex looking the way I want.
  15. Thanks for the suggesstion, not usually a fan of using other launchers but using the baked in Apex one seems ok and not laggy and very configurable as well.

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