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  1. kjstart

    Pulse 2.1 Windows Drivers - 7, Vista & XP

    Thanks for your share, it is helpful for me!
  2. I found the wallpaper: http://wallbase.net/wallpaper/169653
  3. What rom on this picture? I want the wallpaper, thanks.
  4. I can not found any Pluse rom has this function. Just vibrate when the out going call is answered. I found a guy did some research on this and post his mod of Phone.apk on xda: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=539752 As he side, his Phone.apk work on most Android Phone. But I try to setup his eclair version on my FLB 1.6a but Phone.apk crash continually after replacement. The Phone.apk in FLB 1.6a bigger than lots of Phone.apk on other phone's 2.1 rom. The normal size around 750kb, but FLB 1.6a's Phone.apk is 1.9mb. Who can help me on this? Flibblesan are you here?