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  1. need advice rooting new phone

    did you try with Framaroot to root the phone ? also did you installed cpu-z and antutu to see real hardver specs ?
  2. battery problems

    Also you need to know that this battery maybe does not have 2500 mAh... latelty I see that many Chinese devices has fake capacity.
  3. Did you get your hands over Android Lollipop?

    Not yet... But I hope :) anyway we will see :D
  4. Meizu MX3 review and other info

    Hi I have Meizu MX3 for some time now and I want to write my thoughts about this really cool smartphone. Alt.this device is not newest model from Meizu in my opinion it is still really good choice for a new smartphone these days. I don’t want you to get bored with irrelevant information so I will cut the chase. Most time except the device you get charger and USB cable in package same as with Meizu. Additionally I can say that all accessories are in white. The front side is completely protected with gorilla glass 3 also Meizu MX3 is completely made of plastic where the back cover has hyperglaze finish.MX3 is the 1st smartphone in the world which has edge-to-edge screen design. In other words it is almost with out bezel. In my opinion it is really beautiful phone and I think you will agree with me. For the back cover you can choose the colour from several available. Overall it has high build quality without exaggeration. Meizu MX3 has 5.1 inch display, it has resolution of 1080 x 1800 pixels. This screen gives about 412ppi which is really high. Also as I mentioned before the screen is protected with gorilla glass 3 protection. Really I don't know what I need to say more but really believe me the screen is excellent. The colours are really natural, sharpness is strong enough and digitizer works perfectly normal. Thinking about hardware and hardware performance MX3 is really powerful phone. Of course it is not a strongest phone but it is almost on top. It is based on Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB ROM. Also for graphics with have PowerVR SGX544MP3 GPU. I tried many apps including games and I can say that all apps worked perfectly normal. Also loading was fast. Below you will see several different benchmark test results. For storage Meizu prepared several models 16 32 64 and 128gb. I personally have 16 GB model beach has about 12 GB of free space. Also I need to say that unfortunately it does not have slot for memory card. Meizu MX3 has the main camera which has 8 megapixel sensor, also the main camera has the led flash. According to the Meizu the main camera has 1.4 µm pixel size with aperture f/2 wide. I have taking photos in different locations with several different conditions and of course below also you can see photo examples. The photo quality is pretty good, I would give a score 4 of 5. Also it can record full HD videos and here can be problematic for the models which has 16 or 32 GB of storage because according to the Major when you record a video MX3 takes for every 10 record that seconds about 100 MB of storage. And you don't have ability for Micro sd card also. So you can see why I am telling you this. As conclusion I can say that Meizu MX3 is really nice phone, it has many advantages and of course several disadvantages. As and when teachers I can say it has great build quality, beautiful design, excellent screen, really good camera and pretty strong hardware. For me in my opinion the main disadvantage is a lack of slot for memory card which does not need to be a problem if you buy a 64 or 128 GB model. Also if you are interested you can visit the official website and Facebook. Any questions please ask thank you :)
  5. Youtube videos

  6. Youtube videos

    Hi :) I hope you dont mind :) but this is very funny
  7. ASUS ZenFone 5

    I want to share my experience for ASUS ZenFone 5 with you . Asus decided to joint fight with Chinese smartphones so they recently released several new devices including ZenFone 5. So this is a low budget mid range phone with decent hardware and cool design. So first I will show you the main technical specifications for this phone, which are Intel Atom Z2560 1.6GHz PowerVR SGX544 Android 4.3 - soon Android 4.4 KitKat update with ASUS ZenUI 1GB Ram 8 GB Rom + 64gb with microSD card Screen: 5 inch HD GPS WIFI Main camera: 8.0 MP Battery: Lithium 2110 mAh Okay if you decide to buy this device you will except phone get the following items: charger, USB cable, screen protector and short user manual. So this is completely common in most of the time. Talking about hardware, benchmark test results you could noticed that ASUS ZenFone 5 has slightly different hardware then similar devices. It has Intel Atom Z2560 1.6GHz processor and PowerVR SGX544 GPU. Other is more or less the same, it has 1 GB of the RAM, 8 GB internal memory which you can extend with microSD card up to 64 GB. Some of you may be already know that about 10% of all applications will not work properly unfortunately. I don't know why but in this moment the situation is such. For example GTA San Andreas crashes and most of the time you cant play it, some other games which I also tried also has some problems. But most of apps will work so don't worry. For everyday use it will be great, so you can go to the Internet, listen to the music, watch youtube etc… I also made several benchmark tests and results are expected, below you can see some benchmark tests results. ASUS ZenFone 5 has 5 inch HD screen with gorilla glass 3 protection and I really cant say anything negative because the screen is really really perfect. Of course I tried also the main camera and sometimes the photos are not enough sharp. Photos taken in daylight or in places with enough light are just okay but when you try to take photos in dark there are not so good. So this the first negative thing about this device. The camera could be better. Photo samples: ZenFone 5 has built in battery with capacity of 2110 mAh. First off some users does not like built-in batteries because sometimes you need to remove battery out to restart the phone and also they could put a stronger battery with higher capacity. Overall it will last at least 350 hours in standby mode and 18 hours talk time with 3G connection. For conclusion I can say that Asus Zenfone 5 has a really nice design, good build up. It has enough strong hardware, several useful features. Only in my opinion negative things are slightly less quality main camera and a lower capacity but. All other things about this device are good or very good and if you decide to buy it you will not regret it. Also you need to understand that this smartphone is mid range device, it is not high end smartphone. The price for Zenfone 5 is approximately $160 and you can buy here at Merimobiles for example. Any questions or suggestions are welcome, also for more information about Asus Zenfone 5 you can go if you wish to Majordroid Thank you :)
  8. iOcean X8 Review and other info

    Hi :) For some time now I have this really cool phone, called iOcean X8. It is a new model from iOcean company. It is their new flagship, I have to say that they have done really good job creating this phone. And you will see later why I am telling you this now. So let's begin. Main Technical specs CPU: MT6592 1.7GHz Octa-core GPU: Mali 450 OS: Android 4.2 RAM: 2GB ROM: 32GB Screen Size: 5.7 inch, 1920X1080 pixels FHD Screen Type: LTPS screen, Gorilla glass III, OGS Band: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz Wifi: 802.11 b/g/n GPS: Yes Gyro: Yes Light Sensor: Yes G-Sensor: Yes Proximity sensor: Yes Compass: Yes Status Indication LED: Yes Gesture control: Yes Gesture sensing: Yes Rear camera: 14.0 MP with auto focus Front facing camera: 5.0 MP Battery: Li-Polymer 2650 mAh Design for me this is the first Chinese phone where the build quality is on the same level as on other premium or popular brands like Apple or Samsung. Also in my personal opinion this phone is beautiful, really it is and I think you will also agree with me. Some will notice that iOcean X8 looks very similar to Sony Z or Z1. As for build quality I have already said that is on high-level as other already known companies. This phone has on front and rear side a Gorilla glass III protection. While the edges are made from stainless steel. It has a large full HD screen with size of 5.7 inch. although it has a huge screen the device is not much bigger than other devices with smaller screens so you don't need to worry. Below the screen are three buttons and above the screen are sensors with front camera. On the left side is slot for sim cards and on the right side are buttons for sound volume and for power on off. On the rear side there is main camera with the led flashlight also in the centre is logo of IOcean company. I think you will love this smartphone :) Screen as I said before Iocean x8 has 5.7 inch screen and in my personal opinion this is really a large screen. It has full HD resolution, it is LTPS screen with Gorilla glass III protection. So you can use it with gloves especially in winter. During use I got the impression that this screen has no problems at all while playing games or watching movies and for other everyday use. Brightness and the viewing angle are excellent. The screen has all other features like other flagship phones. Hardware it has the same hardware as Iocean x7s. The only difference between these devices are internal memory. So this device has 32 GB of internal memory and there is available approximately 24 GB. So, it has a octa core CPU with speed of 1.7 GHz, 2 GB of RAM and Mali 450. So this combination proved to be good, for everyday use, watching HD movies, web surfing, and of course for gaming will work like a charm. :D I have played GTA San Andreas and worked super, I really enjoyed playing. Also I had made several benchmarks that with Antutu Benchmark and with Vellamo Benchmark applications which you can download from Google play. Test results are slightly weaker than on x7s. But it is quiet normal because x8 has a larger screen. Connectivity on official website you can see that they have wrote that there is possibility of purchasing one of two versions. where the main difference is in 3G frequencies. So in first version 3G can work on 900 MHz/2100mhz while the second version for 3G can work on 850/2100. But in this moment the second version is only available and from company they told me that they will see how much interests will be for the first version and then they will decide will they start to produce wcdma model or not. But I think the most of you will not have any problems with second version. this is dual sim device which use one micro sim card and one nano sim card. It has all other features like wifi and Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and the only news is NFC. Which in this moment I did not tested. But all functions works as they should work. Camera Iocean has front and rear camera. front camera has 5 megapixel sensor while the main camera has 14.2 megapixel sensor with led flashlight. It has all features like auto focus zooming white balance and other. the front camera is good and you can make selfies photos and it can be good for Skype or other video calls. While the main or back camera makes excellent photos with enough light but in dark or with not enough light photos are just solid because the led is not enough strong unfortunately. Battery the device has non-removable battery. Battery has a capacity of 2650mAh. They could put a stronger battery but this one for now holds good with every use it last at least one day. Some people don't like non-removable batteries because if something goes wrong with phone then it can have problems to remove the battery. But with some knowledge and Youtube he can do it. In my personal opinion I don't have any problems with non-removable batteries. I rather want a stronger battery in thins phone. Conclusion in my personal opinion iOcean X8 is really a nice phone with many positive things. Positive things are good build quality, elegant design, powerful hardware, really good camera and excellent screen. the bad things about this phone are buttons on the front side below the screen which don't have a backlight, led flashlight is not enough strong and in very low light places the photos are just solid. And last negative thing is non-removable battery but this is not the main negative thing because some people don't like it and other don't mind about that like me. The price for this phone is around 300$ depends on shop. The review was spotted on Major Droid. And you can visit iOcean official website for more info here: http://www.iocean.cc/X8_en.html If you have any questions please ask I hope that you like this review. :) Thank you :)
  9. Really good review and phone also :)
  10. Hi :) I have Vifocal W92 for seven days now and i have to say that is really fine phone. Vifocal is new Chinese company. This device could be best buy smartphone because it is very cheap, with high end features like 2GB of ram, octa core cpu etc... Technical Specs Network: 2G: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz 3G: WCDMA 850/2100MHz OS: Android 4.4 KitKat CPU: MediaTek MT6592 ‘true octa-core’ Mali 450 RAM: 2GB ROM: 16GB Screen: 5.0 Inch HD 1280 x 720 pixels, IPS, OGS, full lamination GPS: Yes WIFI: Yes Gravity Sensor: Yes Camera: 8MP Front camera: 3MP Battery: 2700 mAh Dimensions: 145×73*x7.9mm Weight with battery: 126g Vifocal W92 is made of plastic. On the front side is 5 inch screen, below are three buttons with white light. Screen is HD, OGS, IPS. by my personal assessment i can not see some big differences between HD and FHD resolution. The screen is really good. This device is also very interesting because it have Android 4.4 KitKat OS. which is really rare for Chinese phones. everything works fluidly. Vifocal W92 has MT6592 octacore cpu, 2GB Ram, Mali 450 gpu. It is really good combo, can compete with any high-end device. also showed a very good score on testing. Before chinese phones had problems with GPS, particularly with mtk chipsets. so I did not knew what to expect, but to my pleasant surprise Gps works good without network, wifi and without any fixes. Here you can see how HD movies works on Vifocal http://youtu.be/ORQRBvlPLbE HD camera samples Battery have capacity of 2700mAh, and for now shows very good results. The price for this phone is around $190, and you can buy it here.
  11. Hi :) I would like to share my impressions for GooPhone i5S and write a few lines about this very interesting phone. I need to tell you also that i i got it from GooPhone company. At first glance, i got the impression that this is a very well made phone. It has a aluminum casing, which is really good. Appearance is the same as iPhone 5s except logo on the back. GooPhone have their own logo. I've got a golden white model. Screen is 4 inch big with resolution of 480×854 pixels. Although the resolution of the screen is low, screen is excellent. the colors are vivid, and it also have an excellent viewing angle. according by manufacturer the screen is Super AMOLED. and in my opinion they are not exaggerating. Under the hood is MT6572, Cortex A7 dual core, 1.2GHz, Mali-400mp, 512MB DDR3 with 16GB internal memory. it should be also noted that the primary objective of the manufacturer is to produce a phone very similar to iPhone 5s and they managed. therefore, the performance of this model are not high end. but most functions will do just fine. In Antutu benchmark it scored 10635 points. slightly less than the very popular models mt6589. GooPhone i5S comes rooted, Android 4.2.2 which is a complete interface in the style iPhone. For example if you want to take a screenshot you need to press the Home and Power buttons at the same time. All functions in the system are working fluid, and there were no unnecessary applications installed. This device has two cameras, front camera is 1.3mpx and may very well serve for Skype conversations. while the back camera is 8mpx with led flash and autofocus. camera is quite ok, pictures per day are solid, while at night are not something good. WiFi has a good range to capture signals, while for GPS at the first attempt did not worked. After a few adjustments with MTK engineer app, now GPS is working ok. It is not for professional use. and maybe If you decide to buy this phone, you can buy it in Goophones shop Thank you :)
  12. thl w100 is good or not good phone

    Hi, I want to buy this THL Android phone because i need a cheaper phone and i found this http://www.imgspirit.com/thl-w100-review/ it really looks good on paper, but before i buy it . i need your opinion what do you think abou this phone ? thank you :)
  13. SIM Unlock

    ok. thanks for the advice :)
  14. SIM Unlock

    Hi :) what about people outside UK ? I dont live in UK and soon i will get Orange San Diego device. So i need to unlock it that i could use it. Please can someone help me ? Can i maybe send e-mail to Orange please Thank you
  15. ET100 / T45E / ISA ET100 4.5" MTK6589 phone

    i have it also. and it is great :)