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  1. Having the same problem in this thread Not having any luck fixing this. I see the orange version when booting up, or FTM when booting up with the volume down button.
  2. No no luck because I can not do steps 8 to 10. When I turn on the phone I get this screen except it is called CWM-based Recovery v4.0.1.5. I can use the volume keys to move up and down but can not select anything else because none of the capacitive keys work. Same problem as this thread from last year
  3. From here Steps 1-7, are done steps 8-10, I can't do because I cant enable debugging mode steps 11-16, I can re-do and I have a backup from step 12 step 16, I can't do as I cannot select anything with the Home key, or the power button. Is there anyway to apply I don't think the phone is rooted. Can I flash CWM with ADB commands?
  4. I made a backup with QPST, if I install a differant CWM version it will not allow me to restore my backup as it says "One very important note! Backups created with the older recovery won't work with the new version"
  5. How can I add stock rom in if the Home key isn't working? If I scroll down back key enabled appears on the screen, I have tried using the power button at this point but still noting happens.
  6. I tried to unlock my T-mobile Vivacity following the instructions here http://www.getandroi...acity-for-free/ and now my phone gets stuck on CWM based recovery v4.0.1.5. The up and down keys work but I can not select anything by pressing the home key as it does not respond. How can I update CWM recovery to a later version as at the moment I can't do anything. If I start up holding the down key I get the FTM logo.

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