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  1. glenns

    Nexus 7 Review

    Can you confirm that MHL does or does not work ?
  2. Good old tilal, I knew you'd crack it in no time. Look forward to testing this.
  3. But dalvic cache is the cache used by the dalvic engine so it makes sense that it should be wiped when installing a new rom to ensure the compilations are not corrupted by old data, this can vary with different roms but in the 10 or so revisions of coldfusionX I have installed, not wiping dalvic caused issues, wiping dalivc has never caused an issue.
  4. Just copy the rom to your sdcard, boot into clockworkmod to flash, wipe the dalvic cache (its under advance) reboot and your done
  5. on that note does anyone have a2e working on tilal's latest ? I had a try over the wet weekend but no luck.
  6. All good for me, camera preview is still not working but at least no major power drain. Just trying out Reloaded ICS1.9b3-041012, looks pretty good, thanks for the link arpit ;)
  7. I had this , goto manage apps, gmail app and clear the cache, worked for me anyway. edit.. to be exact the message content would appear but disappear as soon as i started to scroll, but like i say , clearing the cache sorted it.
  8. One thing for sure it very smooth, my plume widget is smooth as silk now