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  1. Chiz

    Orange unlimited data?

    I have just gone back to Orange after having my Vario III on T Mo. Getting the HTC Hero on Dolphin 45 or something with 500mb of data in the price. Time for a change and the T Mo signal in my house (or the suggested coverage on their site for the postcode) is not good.
  2. Hi Has anyone ever come across a wav of the Klaxon sound that Zane Lowe uses in his Radio 1 show in the UK? Would love that as SMS tone. Cheers
  3. Chiz

    T-Mobile HSPDA

    I bought a Vario III on Flext 35 plus WnW and I get the H symbol. I dont notice it much but do often see it showing in my office in London - City.
  4. Chiz

    It's snowing !!

    None in Essex (where I live) or Central London.
  5. ;) Yeah come on Paul. You know how much money you make from us by kindly running your FREE site. At least answer every question. It's not as if you have anything else to do. :(
  6. Review just released on TrustedReviews.com I haven't read it yet but saw the summary table at the top ;)
  7. Been into T-Mobile shop in Cheapside, London. The staff member in there reckons "it will be out before the end of the month", "we have no idea on pricing" ;)
  8. I did test another cable and that didnt work either. One thing the PC bloke said after he had ripped the hard drive case to bits was that "maybe it could have been the power supply" (from mains to the drive case). Great! - why not test that first. Anyway never mind at least (I think) I have recovered the files on it.
  9. Yeah it does look like that are on there but wont know until is link it up to my PC and check it. Oh no - that's not a good story. Hope your stuff all works out. I hadnt really thought about online storage. Maybe that is something else I could use to back up what I have, along with probably buying another external drive and possibly a DVD RW. I better start saving. :P
  10. The update is. I went to the bloke down my road that does computer support stuff. He said it could be the case or the hard drive. When he heard the clicking he said he feared the worst. After he finally broke into the aluminum case he got the HD out and linked it up to something directly to his PC. "It's spinning" he said. Then it showed up on his PC as a USB device and started scanning or whatever all the files. So everything is still on it. Just now need to decide whether to: 1. Put it in a new external case 2. Put it inside my PC 3. Buy a new external and transfer the date off it to it. He said it was the Voltage Bar I think that was the problem. Thanks for all your help, comments with this
  11. yeah I will have 2 in the future. But now got all my music, photos and other docs stuck on that one. Will be well annoyed if I cant get it off, photo's mainly. :)
  12. Touching it, it doesn't feel like anything is moving listening there is an clicking sound that repeats itself. Does that mean it is dead? :) Has anyone ever had any data recovered from a busted external or internal HDD?
  13. Yeah set up before Plug and play - USB (added that to the thread title now) Will do - thanks EDIT: Tried your last point and it didnt detect it. Any other ideas? I am going to try it again later as I had had a few beers yesterday and might have missed something.
  14. My PC froze. I turned it off at the base and it wouldn't boot up. Started it in Safe Mode and did a system restore to last Sunday. All working fine now apart from uTorrent saying "Error: Can't open .torrent file: F:\torrent............" So no access to any of my music, photo's....... My Computer does not show up the F: drive (the external one) like it did this morning. Anyone got any ideas of why this might be and how I could sort it out? Thanks
  15. http://www.trustedreviews.com/mobile-devic...r-Smartphone/p1HTC P4550 Kaiser Quote from the review "When the time comes to move away from my current mobile phone contract and upgrade from my current phone, this is going to be the handset I'll be looking to replace it with. I can't praise it any higher than that."