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  1. noeri ... did u read my previous post regarding cm9 port for sgs 3
  2. hey triipi got a samsung galaxy s3 ... :) could you help with the port ? donations will come your way and all the credit will go to you. cheers.
  3. i would suggest you not to share ur work :(
  4. tripp, did u add the fix i posted before regarding schedule_policy
  5. hey trippi can you impliment this fix in your next build. cheers ... i know its cm teams fault ... https://www.codeaurora.org/gitweb/quic/le/?p=platform/system/core.git;a=commitdiff;h=253e27ac
  6. how close are u to cotulla..coz i know he wont do it !
  7. change sign-keys ! in build.prop
  8. its not possible as cyanogen and htc sense frameworks are proprietary, they wont work together ~!
  9. lol i was just going to ask for OTG support in kernel, anyways here is the fixed version from showp1984 on his github.. see if u can make something from it, OTG support is needed for making S-off .. hope you will get everything else ;) https://github.com/showp1984/bricked-endeavoru
  10. do with this tool. make an update.zip .. flash in CWM and then clear dalvik-cache . hope that helps. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1558171
  11. go get some more beer .. PAYPAL 2FC027392K907432H
  12. @noeri just wondering do u have a s-off phone ? Lol. How's the testing going with v4. All the best.
  13. hey @noeri how ru / how is things. congrats on fixing cam .
  14. http://androidcommunity.com/htc-one-x-gets-an-early-cyanogenmod-9-port-20120429/