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  1. Poor In Call sound quality ?

    Just an update, manage to get a brand new Sim from T-mobile. Tried a few calls the quality does seem a tad clearer, still not good as my HTC one S though.
  2. Poor In Call sound quality ?

    Manage to swap my handset for another one, the background echo noise has gone! But in terms of quality still not the best. I did speak with Motorola tech support before swapping out the handset, he mentioned about getting a new replacement sim card. He had another customer with bad quality calls and after replacing the sim that did the trick. I'm on T-Mob but have a spare O2 sim so decided to swap it just to test. Must admit using the O2 sim the voice call seems a bit clearer.
  3. Poor In Call sound quality ?

    Hi, experiencing the same issue, generally most calls are very muffed. Some sort of background echo noise sometimes. I've had quite a few smart phones and this is the worst is terms of call quality. Just wondering if i have a faulty unit?
  4. ** STOCK - 5th BATCH ** - Sat 4 Dec

    Given up with PCW, after a few days of chasing still getting the same answer, "nothing in stock, call back in a few days". Had no choice and asked for a refund. Maybe i'll try again after xmas!
  5. ** STOCK - 5th BATCH ** - Sat 4 Dec

    I'm in the same boat, ordered on Saturday around 11am, had a call from PCW CS to verify my credit card on Sunday. Told me the order has been processed. Called them yesterday "awaiting stock", told me I would get a phone/email to confirm when the order has actually been processed. Money has been taken from the CCard!
  6. Just flashed my phone with the updated ROM and hurray the call quality is fixed for me. :) I made a 20min call using my O2 sim and the call quality is good, no crackling, no buzzing, no banding/popping noises. He could hear me loud and clear and vice versa.
  7. I've been waiting for this audio fix since I bought the handset back in Jan, I really hope this will fix the issue.
  8. TG01 - Weird noises during calls

    After my telephone call to Toshiba a few weeks ago, I emailed them yesterday and received a reply today ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for contacting Toshiba Mobile Communications. Toshiba currently negotiating with the network operators in order to release new software to resolve the audio issue. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything until this approval is been given. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hopefully this is good news!!!!!!! :)
  9. TG01 - Weird noises during calls

    Yep, still experienced the banging/popping noise with the Orange Sim.
  10. TG01 - Weird noises during calls

    Software version I have 5005.0001.67 SP-00. With regards to the "Banging noise" after i unlocked the phone I used a T-Mobile and an O2 sim, i don't have the issue anymore. The voice quality is still poor though!
  11. TG01 - Weird noises during calls

    Just bought my handset from Orange and experienced some call related problems. I called Toshiba regarding the "banging noise" and distortion of voice during the call. The first called I made the guy said "I haven't of these issues" :) Not happy with the answer, basically he said call Orange and get another device, so I rang Toshiba again later that day. This time the person I spoke with seemed to know his stuff. He told me they know about these issues and have actually got a fix for it! They have submitted the fix to Orange and awaiting their approval. I was told the update will be released very soon, but no definite date at the moment. Far as I know its just a update and not a new ROM. I'll hang onto the device for a few more weeks!!