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  1. Just a quickie!! (UK people)

    Well i'm not in the UK, but i use the English (UK) locale, and no it doesn't show any dashes.
  2. I'm a little new myself but i think i can handle your questions. 1. A bootloader unlock allows you to run(i.e. boot) unofficial software(i.e. roms), this has nothing to do with the sim and it's only relevant to those wishing to modify their device beyond the stock software(rom) 2. Rooting a device is similar to jailbreak, the mobile phone has special features only exposed to root users(Similar to the Administrator account in Windows) 3. The recovery image is kinda parallel to a safemode like the one Windows has, it allows you to reflash a bad or non-working rom. 4. I'm not quite sure about the question, so i can't really provide an answer there :)
  3. Yes i still won't be making use of their support as i already know it's a known issue :)
  4. I honestly don't care, i don't expect to be making use of their support.
  5. And shipped

    That means Google have sent the requested shipment details, it hasn't been picked up by DHL yet.
  6. During the Google press event, they actually said they were working on an update to enable apps on your SD card.
  7. Ordered!

    1/12/2010 9:56 am Depart Facility Cincinnati Hub, OH Crossing my fingers for you B)
  8. Ordered!

    Oops, it's 1½ hour actually, but here's hoping :)
  9. Ordered!

    Sure? DHL have a flight scheduled to go from Cincinatti to the UK in 1½ hour:
  10. Ordered!

    Same here, there's hope it may come tomorrow :)
  11. UK mains charger

    Damn that's kinda silly, they might as well just have put it in the box to begin with.
  12. My first 24hrs of Nexus hell!

    I was looking forward to the X10 as well, but then i learned it didn't have an AMOLED screen, and it was Android 1.6, i've previously been a Sony Ericsson fan, but i've learned that it's simply not affordable to trust them anymore, i don't expect that X10 will ever receive the Android 2.0/2.1 upgrade, if it does then it'll be because they made it before release. All SE Phones i've had, have had so much promise, and eventually been stamped out after a few months, and all the improvements promised for their previous device, now goes to their new flagship model, for example the X1 were promised an update which was never released, now those updates are rolled into the X2 instead, in the end i've lost a lot of trust and respect with SE and i fully support Google, and even Apple's way of having a single operating system for their systems, but i guess we'll see.
  13. Ordered!

    Looks like we're in the same boat, as far as i can see it was shipped on the 8th, but no information other than "Shipment details received" or something like that.
  14. Google Nav in UK?

    Yes, obviously it can work since the data is there, it's just not google's data, which is why it cannot officially be used in their apps unless they license it.

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