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    SAMSUNG Galaxy S i9000

    Orange offering the 4G EE phones on PAYG?

    So the more I read about the upcoming LTE the less attractive it is looking [for the time being anyway] it seems that for the start of the revolution it is going to be a pretty costly affair. £50+ I read that it will cost for starters. Then there's the Capped data limits - 8gigs is the max they're offering,this one left me musing what the point of upgrading to LTE for superfast speeds [eg, downloading HD games, movies etc] all which are 1gig+ but of no use if data capped. To stream an HD movie for 1 hour uses roughly 2gigs. On their site they boast "Download a film every week on us until February 2013" er ok no mention of HD film. What is the importance of HD the fact that this is what 4g speeds are all about - ironically they also have this on the site "Unlimited calls and texts. Just pick your data." I would assume that with this option - Unl calls and texts with capped data that people would realise just how pointless it is especially at £56 p/m. Personally I think I'd be better off sticking with the new 3g sites such as HSPA+ // DC HSDPA such as the 3 Network [which I'm on 3 and have been for 3yrs now as they do have the fastest 3g network. Also I don't think that people whom will be taking up these 4g deals [i can just imagine the type, iphone 5, investment bankers, journalists and other ****s] will be too aware that congestion especially in London is a possability - for which I'm assuming is the MAIN reason for EE capping the data. Most people I've spoken with are convinced that that was a major factor of 4g - that it was future proofed against congestion. At least the UK goverment has forseen that what with the mish mash of different freqencies that are to be used that 5g is more than just an after thought and have green lit a new research project to get ahead of the times on the next upgrade with the likes of Samsung, Telefonica and Surrey University.

    SGS i9000 Jelly Bean 4.1

    The old girl still has some legs left in her. This may be a graveyard but there is still lots of activity over there at XDA and a few other forums such as darky etc. I have about 6 months left on my contract which should be just about right in terms of the price coming down a little bit on the S3 - though I'm still a bit disapointed at the look of the new S3 - i wish it was less curvy and had some sharp lines, so if something better comes along I may be tempted - but it would have to be special.

    Orange San Diego Review

    The phone looks very nice - at first glance it could be a Sammy [of the US variety]. The only thing I have to say in terms of the review is that you state that this is a good price for a 'low end device' but at a penny short of £200 is this really going to fly of the shelves ? My point is this, maybe this should be classed as a 'mid range' device or drop the price to £150 as this would make it that bit more affordable to the pre-pay customers ie the school/college kids unable to get a Contract. However the £15 Contract price IS very reasonable.

    KIES -new build

    KIES/Samsung servers are notorious for trying to download updates & upgrades. They don't seem to like slower broadband connections ie dongles. I tried maybe 25/30 times to upgrade to Froyo on my Vaio laptop 4 gig ram, 64bit win7, core i3 but just kept getting 'connection lost' message. I did LOTS of googgling & picked up on the slow connection theory so went to my mates & used his old XP but with fixed line & managed to upgrade to froyo in 13mins ! (first attempt) I'm now having same issues trying to update to latest kies - same as you, it just keeps on going past file size but eventually mine comes up with onscreen message ' Internet Connection Lost' - evan though it isn't. I decided to uninstall & dl Kies from Samsung website but at the time they hadn't updated their website to inc latest version. Haven't tried since as it's not that important as I don't use Kies that often anyway. Hope this helps. Ben
  5. Hi mate, I have never been able to make a connection/get a fix in less than about 3 mins sometimes evan 4. then at xmas i made a trip to my home City of Sheffield and was STUNNED when i had to use google maps for an address and the gps connected in less than 15 seconds !!! I was so shocked i assumed it was already turned on by accident so shut it down rebooted and after turning on g maps again the same time or less 10-15 secs to get a fix. I can only assume that its something to do with where i live - in a small town by the coast compared to a big open city. Maybe I'm totally wrong but i don't know how else to explain it. I would love to know if anyone else has had similar experience.

    Sync i900 to Windows 7 laptop

    Hi Peter, thanx for reply, i still havent managed to get the 2 to Sync yet. do i need to install Active Sync as well ? i thought that WMDC was a newer replacement ?

    Sync i900 to Windows 7 laptop

    Update: So after several new tries the troubleshooter detected that a driver was 'missing' & once installed WMDC auto installed. As yet i have not managed to sync as Sync Centre has failed to detect my device. Will keep on trying & post if i succeed - or not !
  8. Hi guys, Ive just got my new laptop, a Sony Vaio running Windows 7 x64 & want to hook up to copy files & back-up data ect. I had no probs on my old XP but i'm a little confused about exactly what to do as i dont have the disk that came with the phone. I do have USB cable however do i need to download & install Active Sync or WMDC ? Or is this built into Windows 7 ? I have tried to connect them allready & the Vaio 'found device' but the error message came up advising me to 'troubleshoot' but found nothing. Is this because i need Act Sync or WMDC ? I appologise for the really basic lack of knoledge here but this is the 1st 'real' working pc ive ever had/owned. thanx in advance. Ben.