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  1. Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    So is it multicolored?
  2. Ask MoDaCo: the HTC One

    Is HDR the default camera mode? How fast is HDR capture?
  3. Android 2.3 Keyboard on CM6!

    This work nicely on CM6/1
  4. Oops! Corrupted /system partition

    wipe the ext3
  5. Backup all apps on Hero

    Astro also does this.
  6. [Bootscreen] Akuma

    Hey can we get akuma catching the android robot with the raging demon? That would be nice!

    ;) I know what your talking about. The only way to get it on is to pull the battery and its only happen to me on WIFI. Don't know whats the cause though.
  8. Google Buzz on MCR 3.2

    I does work but if theres not option to add the buzz layer theres not much use for it right now. Here's a link showing a guy using it in the blizzard up north. http://phandroid.com/2010/02/10/google-buz...o-in-baltimore/
  9. Genie Widget For 1.5

    It works! ;)
  10. (another) A2SD question

    type in "df -h" in any terminal app and it will give you a breakdown of your filesystems on your phone.
  11. 26/Jan 1.2 - MoDaCo Custom Kernel for CDMA Hero

    +1.......by the way kernel is working perfect.
  12. 26/Jan 1.2 - MoDaCo Custom Kernel for CDMA Hero

    After 12 hrs. Working beautifully for me. I haven't enabled compcache though. Anyone try it?
  13. 26/Jan 1.2 - MoDaCo Custom Kernel for CDMA Hero

    hey Paul should there be a ramzswap.ko file in the /sytem/lib/modules?
  14. 26/Jan 1.2 - MoDaCo Custom Kernel for CDMA Hero

    1.1 booting up fine. Now to start testing.
  15. 26/Jan 1.2 - MoDaCo Custom Kernel for CDMA Hero

    I flashed over 2.0 and then i went into a boot loop.
  16. 26/Jan 1.2 - MoDaCo Custom Kernel for CDMA Hero

    Well im not doing anything...ill try.
  17. Skype working on Hero

    Fring works for me......
  18. Im so excited and i just cant hide it!!!!! :)
  19. Yo Paul the sprint htc hero kernel source is available on htc developer. So i guess now the flood gates have been opened. http://developer.htc.com/
  20. Get a task killer. I hate to use them but for the tethering app it seem the only way to really close it.
  21. Goto /system/sd in any file manager, thats were the apps are installed when Apps2SD in active. Also you can used any terminal app to check using the df -h command. It will give you a output of your filesystems.
  22. I had that problem once, just reboot your phone and restart terminal or whatever you use on a windows computer.
  23. If you have your SD card partitioned with a ext partition then it should automatically work.