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  1. HTC One back button not working

    They changed it for a new one. All works fine now!
  2. HTC One back button not working

    I do reckon its a fault. The supplier has agreed to change it so I guess I'll know when I have a new one.
  3. HTC One back button not working

    Back button only works intermittently. Any ideas?
  4. Old Weather on 2.1

    Thanks will give it a go
  5. Old Weather on 2.1

    Struggling with the current weather on r5. how do I go about adb uninstall and getting the old app? Cheers Ed
  6. Hero network busy

    I keep getting a network busy signal when i try and use the phone. Tried SIM in another phone and all fine. Incoming calls sometimes dont come in either. Phone is rooted now and latest radio installed as well. Any ideas?