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  1. Master t is righ. You can boot in bootloader mode with combo. Sorry cant write more due to forum bug. Contact me by mail if you want
  2. malezRecovery image 0.6.2 + easy installer

    Could you copy logs to sdcard and send me by mail, I could help.
  3. Cu all guys

    Bye bye thepasto thank you for all you have done for this wonderfull device. Have fun. Malez
  4. malezRecovery image 0.6.2 + easy installer

    Your file system was corrupted. Happy you have solved, was planning to give you some additional commands ;)
  5. malezRecovery image 0.6.2 + easy installer

    Hi, malez recovery is only for Acer LIquid s100 or liquid E. It does not work on liquid mini. That is the reason why you don't manage to install.
  6. malezRecovery image 0.6.2 + easy installer

    Recovery 0.6.2 is now available for download hardware button enabled to move and run commandsApplications moved to sdcard using system feature are now backed up/restoredfixed wipe datacode optimizationunique installer for Roger/Fido rom or any other romhttp://code.google.com/p/acer-liquid-malez-recovery/downloads/list
  7. [ROM] Liquid Community ROM Froyo 2.0

    Joining liquidnext team could be interesting if they are ok with this. Concerning recovery, I don't see any real benefit in CMW. In fact, malez reco do more than CWM : unlock market, upgrade busybox, sqlite, compress backups, delete/replace backups. Next version will save applications moves to sd using system option, too. What feature included in CWM is missing you ?
  8. [ROM] Liquid Community ROM Froyo 2.0

    Liquid does not have an hyper speed CPU and is missing RAM. You can try an overclocked kernel but it will use more battery
  9. [ROM] Liquid Community ROM Froyo 2.0

    You use selection with cursor with the swype keyboard.
  10. [ROM] Liquid Community ROM Froyo 2.0

    Dman, due to a modaco but, I had to rewrite all the first post from a google cache page !!! Lost time just to add the 4shared link to LCR-F 2.0 :( What king of upgrade would you like to see ? Jumping to gingerbread does not seems to be possible without a leak, except if i recompile from source but don't have enough time for this. But I could add some features in LCR Settings, upgrade some apps, fix some bugs. What would you like. Another way shuold be to join another team (as i am alone) to offer my experience and skills but I don't know if they would be interested. Contacting them directly would be incorrect. I am not "the man" who offer helps. For me LCR Settings is really a good application I could upgrade and adapt. Let's see... I don't move.
  11. [ROM] Liquid Community ROM Froyo 2.0

    LCR-F 2.0 was uploaded here http://www.4shared.com/file/SzVdQ4E-/LCR-F_20-signed.html
  12. Rogers/Fido? Froyo Malez Recovery Fix!

    You can try to root again, using an other root method (there is 3 methods in recovery)
  13. Rogers/Fido? Froyo Malez Recovery Fix!

    You sister's phone was an original one on Rogers/Fido ?
  14. malezRecovery image 0.6.2 + easy installer

    if you are able to flash the original firmware, back to your phone, you could test if my new installer do the job (ie custom recovery remains installed even after reboot)
  15. Rogers/Fido? Froyo Malez Recovery Fix!

    Link to new recovery installer send by PM