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  1. Been awfully quiet in here! Last update was April! Wonder if Paul's skipping 4.3 and just waiting on 4.4...
  2. What are the chances of having the ParanoidAndroid bubblehead multitasker implemented here? They open sourced it right? Is it too big of a job (asking having no idea how much work goes in to this stuff)
  3. Awesome thanks! That did the trick, hopefully my in app purchases will now work again too!
  4. It's ok apart from the gaping grey space on the main page! When do they plan on fixing that??
  5. Thanks Paul - couple issues so far, there's no categories on the homepage of the Play Store, maybe we need to wait for the official UK rollout.. And whilst browsing the Play Store my N4 just restarted itself, never done that before, not sure if connected...
  6. Help, I forgot to uncheck the Modaco boot logo - any quick way of flashing the default without rebaking, downloading and flashing? Edit: Never mind - how do I delete a post??
  7. Thanks Paul, mostly timely, baking and downloading now :)
  8. Nope, still happily using Jr5 :)
  9. Ha, I don't know what any of that means but I'm glad it's been fixed :P
  10. Yeah true, I only use Apex because when I first started using Nova it didn't have some of the features I use in Apex, can't be bothered switching now.
  11. Easier to use a custom launcher like Apex, I've also removed the search bar and added another row of icons:
  12. i_maq

    Nexus 4 Bumper

    Sent you a PM :)
  13. Hm, funnily enough on their official UK page I asked them about the bumpers and they completely ignored my questions while answering others' about the phone availability.
  14. It raises the phone's back off whatever surface it's on, same for the screen.