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  1. damjan006

    ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    tell me when you get back from repair and what they did
  2. damjan006

    ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    i was trying some other things after that .i was trying to manualy update boot.img via fastboot but i couldnt find driver. i send it today for repair so i hope they will fix it soon. and i hope warranty is not avoided
  3. damjan006

    ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    i have a problem with my phone i tried ti update official update.zip for t-mobile macedonia i stockm recovery and instalation was aborted (file mismatch) after that phone reboot to stock recovery.
  4. damjan006

    ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    So this means its impossible to root this phone?
  5. damjan006

    ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    maybe you should try this http://rootsrbija.iz.rs/root-cwm-zte-blade-g-v-880/ blade g has the same hardware as blade 3 pro exept biger screen and diferent resolution
  6. damjan006

    ZTE Blade 3 Pro Help

    becouse i could not find anything about this phone can you tell me something about it. how is battery life smothness display ? any bugs on official software? its a samew spec as huawei ascend y300 so im thinking about these two. they are similar price too
  7. I really love the soft buttons, they activate when you click on the status bar and take off 3 sec later
  8. The link doesn't work, can you upload the file
  9. scrolling in browser is ok for me
  10. Have you tried Conservative? I've been using it lately and its working great. Min clock frequency is 245Hz Max clock frequency is 692MHz Battery life seems ok and the performance is sensational
  11. I must say this rom is brillian i dont have words to discribe it is realy fast like Kers + DRS Fast :) I am using with adw lancher combined with ics theme from market http://market.android.com/details?id=kov.theme.ics and it works really good. Here are my settings if somebody is interested adw backup.zip
  12. hectae i have flased this stock firmware and i lost fastboot and the TPT is not working. How can i recover from this? My phone boots fine but i just cant't find any way to convert to GEN2. I can boot to FTM mode only. Any advice ?
  13. damjan006

    Monte Carlo Stir Fry

    Bluetooth is working in both directions and the Dolby is greath