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  1. you should be able to use that since switch directory structure is same now. the apks and binaries are not device specific from the start.
  2. what do you mean by twrp won't work? if you mean the touch screen, you should get a newer version.
  3. to be more generic for all devices i guess. sense and gpe wouldn't sound right on other phones
  4. how would i know.. lol try deleting again and see if that helps even if it's not first switch?
  5. first switch after beta 10? try deleting systemui data.
  6. if you want it s-on and locked, use revone to make it locked. flash RUU and do s-on at the end.
  7. no it works on switch too
  8. australia get the same m7_ul, yes it is UL, as asia, PN0714000 and on stock it shows LTE as 4G.
  9. if you want to search file, search something in /system. searching /data is gonna be the same for both side. if you are trying to get different tasker setup for each side, you can just exclude tasker data and you will have different setup on each side without all those trouble.
  10. 1) it doesn't load. 2) no bootloop a)contacts are all on google b)not using google play music. there are some mp3 on phone. have played them using google play music on gpe side if that counts.
  11. what are you even asking? it IS for 801n
  12. he is tackling his holiday :P
  13. full firmware zip only have boot and recovery more than that so that is more or less all firmware that comes with 4.3.
  14. get from xda thread.

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