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  1. 19000 sms?? Do you need all of them? I have about 300 messages and the sms app is running well.
  2. I hope you can fix it! I think I didn't changed anything... but I don't put my hands on fire!
  3. Give me feedback then! I hate this phone...
  4. I have the exact same problem, on Portuguese Vodafone. It happens in the original Rom, Infusion Rom, CM9 Rom and CM 10.1 Rom. I used to use GOSMS but since I started using the original messaging application, never had problems again.
  5. For daily use, yes. Menus are ultra quick and smooth. For games I don't know.
  6. Yes, you can make as shown in the first post!
  7. Well, I'm here to congratulate dazzozo. This rom is excellent! - Battery is great, like in CM 9. Actually I think that's better! - Slowdowns? Only in Camera. - I have ALL the LED colours except green, without any 3rd app. - Volume during calls for my are very good, because I'm a bit deaf. I think it's all for now. Thank you!
  8. In CM9 it still exists and from my experience, it's worst!
  9. I'm having the drain issue in 3G too, but in R2. O didn't tried R3 yet.
  10. You are welcome! Well, I'm still use titanium backup despite what tillaz said. I don't like Huawei's backup app.
  11. Here they are, all the apps from the firs post. This time, I hope they will last longer hehehe!
  12. Infusion by tillaz has a keyboard like this too. Thank you for your share!
  13. Oh man... that sucks... :( I will try to reupload all the files again soon.
  14. I'm very sorry. The link was wrong but now it's ok. Sorry again!
  15. I uploaded all the files again Also, I uploaded Notepad App to the first post. Thank you!

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