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  1. Ultra low cost from China - A Mediatek device Guide

    This, is very very interesting! :D I'm on a pretty tight budget atm so... I would also like to know where you bought it from. I see JiaYu also has their g3 which seems to be like the Galaxy S2, looks sweet! ^^
  2. What's wrong with the people who made this... If you put a micro-sd slot in the phone, why hide it??
  3. No more Galaxy S Dev???

    hmm good to know :D I'll try it out ;)
  4. No more Galaxy S Dev???

    Same here. Used to check the forum a lot when I had my Hero and Desire, but since I've got my Galaxy S I haven't looked at it in more than a month. Like the rest said, luckily there's a lot going on over at XDA. DOC's ROM here and very happy. I also like how the gingerbread port and the sense port are evolving atm ;)
  5. Alarm fails if phone is off

    ah ok I've had an iPhone until OS 3.1.2 and it didn't do it either so I guess it still doesn't.
  6. tanks man!! I loove the genie widget :P
  7. Alarm fails if phone is off

    not available in any smartphone if you ask me :s I just put my phone in airplane mode so nobody can disturb me, and I put it on the charger if that helps you a bit :P
  8. Eris market fix ruined my Galaxy S running Froyo 2.2

    if you can get it in download mode (boot with volume down, main select button and power buton) you can just flash a new ROM with odin :P (or flash the same rom again of course)
  9. I thought it was officially released yesterday through kies?
  10. The new froyo builds are indeed smooth and stable. Untill you install a lot of applications :s I've got 5 pages of apps ATM and swiping through the pages is laggy as hell :) I'm just waiting for the froyo voodoo lag fix :)
  11. Latest Firmware I9000XXJPM is out

    Yeah they probably aren't very different. But it would kinda suck taking the risk and doing something wrong like that of course :)
  12. Latest Firmware I9000XXJPM is out

    I honestly wouldn't try it, on xda they say this: First Flash I9000XWJM8 with RE-Partition and 512.pit. Then flash the JPM with 803. pit and NO RE-Partition :)
  13. Alarm volume way too loud

    yeah I know you can adjust it :) It just doesn't work, I set it to 1 and it still goes at it's loudest I think :) But I'll try the widget, thx :)
  14. Alarm volume way too loud

    Haha :P That's why they invented the snooze option ;) ^^ Thx for the help :)
  15. Alarm volume way too loud

    Haha, I like to have my alarm rather soft, so I wake up slowly :( But when I set the volume it's ok, but when it rings it's louder than I've set it. Putting some tape over it is actually a pretty good idea tough, I'll try that tomorrow ^^ :P