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  1. Baked ROM without Google Search Widget option checked, however stil appears after installing ROM. Any thoughts?
  2. Quality of finish on the Galaxy S (epic fail)

    Had mine since day one, and still looks brand new. No signs at all. Very happy with it.
  3. Tried it with mimocan ext4 fix and works great.
  4. AutoKiller on SGS?

    I've been using it for a couple of weeks on Extreme setting (150, 160, 170) and it works great on my SG. Phone is a lot more responsive.
  5. Report microSD cards that work with mimocans fix.

    Sandisk 32GB Class 2. Quadrant benchmark 1710.
  6. UPDATED : Real fix for the "stalling/lagging" problem

    Does the update.zip fix any issues? I have JG5 with Ext 4 Kernel fix applied. Much appreciated.
  7. UPDATED : Real fix for the "stalling/lagging" problem

    This is fantastic. Samsung is flying. JG5 and that V4 Kernel using ext4 on my Sandisk 32GB Class 2 and get benchmark of 1710.
  8. UPDATED : Real fix for the "stalling/lagging" problem

    Thanks for the fix mimocan. The phone is running super fast now. Everything seems to be working. Market, mounting of USB drive, elimination of lag (tested with heavy use). I have also run a quandrant benchmark and attached below is the result. Great work!!!
  9. UPDATED : Real fix for the "stalling/lagging" problem

    What app is this used to run the benchmark?
  10. Got the 'stalling' problem? Rooted? Try this...

    This is great. The phone is superfast now. I have over 20 apps install and only 20.53MB used.
  11. I have one arriving tomorrow!

    Yes, works perfectly.
  12. I have one arriving tomorrow!

    You need to turn on USB debugging
  13. Flash now your Samsung Galaxy S

    Can firmwares be flashed with a Mac? I see Odin is only available for Windows. Any help is appreciated.
  14. Galaxy S rooted kernel

    Paul, can this be done using a Mac? I see Odin is only for Windows. Am I wrong? Thanks.