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  1. Any ROM better thAn CM9?

    Lightning ROM rocks!
  2. China version U8818 can flash U8815 Rom. I did it and without prob.
  3. I am not able to locate R1. Can you share it?
  4. No I didnt mofidy anything. Now I can upgrade to 1.3, but 2.0. I am using CWM 4.0.1
  5. Failed to update from 1.3 to 2.0. Stuck at the start-up screen (green words). Same situation when I tried to flashed from clean Rom 1.0.
  6. ---removed---

    I love this rom very much. Unfortunately the Link2SD malfunction/ instability made me turn back to Ceco's Skatie which is very stable in this aspect.
  7. Look forward to your new update. I am using your rom, I like it much!
  8. Can install it, but failed to sign up my Google account. Just looping at this step...